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Always Good

Sometimes in our lives we are faced with circumstances that would not be considered our ideal. When we plan out what we want our lives to look like, seldom it includes walking through difficult things, and actually seldom our plan includes even moments that are among the greatest we have lived. I don’t know of […]

Perseverance: Stand up Saints

I write all of this as a biblical christian. One whom desires and seeks foundational truth in scripture, that will help edify us all to persevere and give glory to God along the journey. There is a modern day notion that has been carried through the centuries. In which, as a born again christian you […]

A Love Beyond Comprehension

It feels like it was just yesterday that the School of Biblical Studies started; we are now 6 weeks in and it’s been both an incredible time and a huge learning curve! Last week I taught the book of Mark, which was not only my first New Testament teaching but also my first 3 day […]

Sex & Engagement

BURN IT TO THE GROUND! What is God’s will for your honeymoon? I normally begin lectures and public discussions on relationships with that question. I then put up a picture of a multi-story hotel on fire with raging flames shooting a hundred feet into the starry sky. This is an ideal metaphor for a sexual wedding night […]

Leading by Interruption

Many people think the secret to good leadership is in controlling interruptions and staying focused. They believe it’s prioritizing the important from the urgent and so on. When I look at Jesus I am not convinced that the standard lines we hear regarding leadership are really hitting the mark. Jesus it seems, did not really […]


Freedom, we all love freedom but what does that actually mean? What does that actually look like? How do we define freedom? This is something the Lord has been showing me lately, what it actually means to be free. So, first off, let me ask you a question. How do you define freedom? Or how […]

The Importance of Sound Doctrine

Titus 2:1 “But as for you teach what accords with sound doctrine.” What is “sound doctrine”? Why did Paul stress the importance of teaching and holding to “sound doctrine” in so many of his letters? Paul knew the importance of the Word of God and the fact that “all scripture is breathed out by God” […]

Living for others, not ourselves

I had a thought today as I was having a quiet time with the Lord. I will give you the reference of what I was studying, explain to you what I was thinking of this text and lead you to what I think is a revelation I got. I was reading Romans 15:1-7 and the […]

Fearing God

I’m not afraid of God. So why are Christians commanded to “fear the Lord”? God is my Father, he is loving and generous and kind beyond comparison and far more than I deserve. There is nothing about that to be afraid of. And yet all through the Bible we see references to the fear of […]

Christmas Devotionals

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 Why are people so eager to be done with Christmas? The frenzy now begins in October with Christmas decorations showing up in stores. Then by January 1st people are done with it. Before the new year rings in out go the trees and down go the lights. Why canʼt Christmas spill into the New […]