EST. 1985

Dorm 1 Renovation

Our beloved staff dorm (Dorm 1) has been in need of some serious repairs and a remodel for some time. This dorm has served as home to so many YWAM missionaries for over 25 years and will continue to do so. Our carpentry crew and many Vacation With A Purpose (VWAP) teams have begun repairing and changing the structure in order to create a safer place with a more “home-like” feel for staff who are frequently traveling the world. Throughout the years, much work has been done on this dorm to improve different aspects and we are all grateful for the time, labor and money well spent. However, our base leadership and staff recently decided that small improvements are no longer the most effective and financially responsible way to address the problems that existed in the dorm.

YWAM Lakeside values people and helping staff to feel at home however long their commitment is. This prompted the leadership to seek God about improving the state of the staff dorm and to begin moving forward as they felt God directing. Our property development team collaborated with our 100 Fold non-profit architecture firm to design the most efficient way to restructure the dorm rooms and create common room spaces (i.e. study room, lounge). Our facilities director is overseeing all steps of the project. The construction began in June 2012 and currently is well underway. God has been so faithful to provide the funds needed and YWAM Lakeside is committed to not incur any debt through this process.

Project Status
87% Completion
  • In Progress
  • Completed

Windows & Siding 100% Complete

We will ripping out all of the old windows and replacing them with far more energy efficient windows that will reduce heating costs. Along with windows we will also be replacing all of our siding and putting a fresh coat of paint on the whole thing.

Heating & Electrical 100% Complete

We will be replacing a good majority of the electrical in the building, and running a signifigant amount of new lines. The new electrical will tie directly into the heating systems we are putting into the dorm. These will be replacing the old heating units and should be much more efficient energy wise.

Addition/Kitchen & Lounge 100% Complete

One of the coolest things we are doing during the renovation is adding a substantial amount of "social area" to the building. Along with a second floor deck at the east entrance of the building we will be adding lounges on the first and second floor of the building along with extending the kitchen found on the first floor.

Room Renovations 71% Complete

One of the largest and most time consuming phases of the project will be the room renovations. We will be expanding each room to include a private bathroom, kitchen, and several design features like inset bookshelves to make our staff feel more at home while residing in the dorm.

Landscaping 70% Complete

As always, the last step of the project will be cleaning up, and making the landscaping around the building look great! We plan on planting several trees, and a couple flower beds.