EST. 1985

Recording Studio

Studio 501 is a recording facility that exists as an arts and education ministry of Youth With A Mission in Lakeside, MT. We have the opportunity to move out of our old facility into something that is brand new and specifically designed for our ministry as a recording studio. Studio 501 provides a place on our YWAM campus to teach skills in audio engineering and music production for the purpose of releasing proficient engineers and producers into the mission field. It is, in part, a place to assist and educate those with a desire to serve God in this career field by imparting the necessary skills technically, socially, and spiritually to work with others in this domain on a professional level. It is also our mission to serve musicians and encourage them to use music as a platform from which to communicate the gospel. Every project produced in our recording studio is done so from a desire to further the kingdom of God.

Project Status
94% Completion
  • In Progress
  • Completed

Design 100% Complete

The design of the studio was crucial to it's performance and effectiveness. We plan on making the most of our resources, while also achieving a high level of technical quality.

Floor/Framing 100% Complete

During this stage we will be installing our soundproof floor that allows us to record without any exterior vibrations caused by sound to interfere with the quality of the recording. We will also be putting up all of the walls that will need to be meticulously measured for accuracy in terms of their angles to achieve the best sound quality.

Soundproofing/Insulation/HVAC 100% Complete

During this stage of the project we will be insulating, and soundproofing the interior of the structure. Along with insulating the structure we will be running our HVAC units through the ceiling in such a way that the quality of sound isn't affected by the system running.

Interior Finishes 70% Complete

We will be drywalling, painting, and putting trim up to finish off the interior of the building, along with finishing up any detail work that still needs to be done.

Studio Install 100% Complete

The final stage will be installing the studio equipment, and moving Studio 501 from it's current location into the new studio.