A French Connection For Salvation

One of the YWAM Taipei Staff, Julien, was at the Rock a few weeks ago and led a young man to Christ in a really unique way!

Julien tells the story below:

Lately God has been challenging me with my faith. He has been wanting me to ask for more challenges to increase my faith in Him. So here is proof that He is real.

This past Monday (February 1st) was a long day.  I got up at 5:30am to read the Word and pray.  I was then in meetings most of the morning and also taking care of a construction team from Montana. My friend Nathan and I had to ride on my scooter all day, going from shop to shop to compare prices for kitchen appliances.  It was a really bad day for driving on a scooter because of the cold and heavy rain we had in Danshui.  By 5:45pm I was ready to head home, get in my bed and sleep for the whole night, trying to forget about that cold and wet day, but I remembered I had to go to the Rock Cafe that evening, and that I had to prepare for the prayer time that I was leading.

There was nothing spiritual in me at that time, just logical thinking – I’m cold, wet, tired and I want to go home.  Well, I told myself it was pointless to go home, drive fifteen minutes there and fifteen minutes back because I was still going to end up wet somehow.  I decided to go get some nice mushroom cream soup and eat it at the Rock to have a bit of a quiet time and read a book.  At 6:30pm the phone rang.  Oh no, I’m in the middle of my meal. Come on…. I’m going to have to answer it because there is nobody else around. My Chinese is terrible and I am going to have to say that I’m sorry for not understanding them, again.  So I pick up the phone and of course a person is speaking super fast in Chinese and I have no clue what they are saying.  Therefore, I pull out my nice, “Sorry I’m french, my Chinese is not good, I can’t understand you.” And then all of a sudden I can understand the language, but it’s just weird because I don’t understand why I understand. Then I realize that this person was speaking fully French.  I end up telling this person that the Rock will be open at 7:30pm, as usual and that they are welcome to join us then.

7:30 comes around and a 20-year-old kid comes to me and starts speaking with an incredible French accent and pronunciation.  We end up talking about all and nothing until he asked me why was I in Taiwan.  Well let me tell you buddy.  So here I go, explaining the whole missionary calling and sticking in some miracle stories here and there.  Usually by that time the people lose interest because they think I’m crazy for following God in missions for the past ten years.  But this time this kid was so intentional and kept on asking questions. Before I knew it, I was sharing the whole Gospel to him and this is still all in French.  I could tell that the part about God being our Creator and our Father in heaven impacted him, so I shared some more about the Father, how He wants to have a relationship with us and how He loves us.  By then I’m starting to think that he might accept the Lord this same night, but the faithless part of myself reminded me about all those other times when I thought the same thing and nothing had happened.  By faith I asked him if he wanted to be part of God’s family and he said yes!  I was a bit shocked because I had never gone that far in the conversation before when I was preaching the Gospel.  So here I go, sharing the need of Jesus and all I know is that I am all of a sudden taking him through some verses in Romans. Then this kid proclaimed with his lips that Jesus is his Lord and Savior and that God is his Father!

Boom, chakalaka! What just happened? Did I really led a 20-year-old Taiwanese dude to the Lord and all in my mother tongue? Dang, God is good. And all I wanted that night was to be in my warm and comfy bed. God has a greater plan for us even when we don’t seem to be fit for it.

To Him be all the glory.

Ready to make the jump.

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