Alumni Connection

Welcome to the YWAM Montana-Lakeside Alumni Connection!

What could be said about being a part of a community like your DTS, secondary school, or missionary member here at YWAM Montana-Lakeside? It probably was one of the most impacting experiences of your life while studying about God, going deep with Him and others, experiencing outreach, and sharing your faith.

We want to keep that community alive! Just by updating your contact information, there is a world of possibility to connecting to alumni across the nations. Our hope is that by connecting alumni, our mission of ‘To Know God and Make Him Known Together’ will continue even after your time here has passed. You also can be updated on all the happenings here, and all God is accomplishing through current YWAM Montana missionary members and students.

There are so many things that we want to share with those who have attended schools, events and programs here that we thought the easiest way would be to set up an Alumni Connection. We are looking at opportunities for gatherings, events and outreaches in the near future that might be of interest to you and maybe others who you have stayed in contact with over the years.

So, what now?

Have you updated your current contact information? Please use the form on the right to do so. You may continue to use the same form on this page whenever a change of information may come.
Are you in contact with anyone from your DTS, secondary school or someone who served with you while here in Lakeside? Please pass the word for them to update contact information as well!

  • Please include maiden name in addition to married last name if applicable.
  • Please include maiden name in addition to married last name if applicable.
  • Please list all of the schools (include year/s) you have been a part of during your time at YWAM Montana | Lakeside.
  • Please list all of the positions (include year/s) you have held during your time with YWAM Montana | Lakeside.
  • If you think there is anything else we need to know, please let us know here.