Our blog is a place where students and missionary members alike post frequently about all of the things that are happening here on campus and throughout the world. We post outreach updates, testimonies, devotionals, and encouragements that cover a multitude of themes and subjects. Our desire is that these posts will give you a better idea of what we are doing here at YWAM Montana | Lakeside and that this blog will be an encouragement for you in your walk with Christ.

Creek house auction – September 17, 1992

This auction took place in Ft. Worth, Texas. At 2:59 pm (one minute before the auction closed) a competing bid came in the amount of $40,800; a few seconds later I (John Briggs) submitted a bid of $60,000 and immediately felt prompted to submit a second bid in the amount of $72,000, not knowing there […]

The First SBS & SOW – 1991

Pete and Fran Sifuentes started the first SOW here at YWAM Montana-Lakeside. Along with SOW, we had our very first SBS. Ted Darnell was the first SBS director for YWAM Montana-Lakeside; he had originally come to speak in the DTS and was then invited to bring SBS to the base and become the SBS director. […]

Start to redo roofs – 1990 (Finished in 2004)

The roofing projects began with a new roof for Dorm 1. Originally all the buildings with the exception of the cafeteria had flat roofs and were quite old and often leaky. One year we had an enormous snow storm, and the snow had built up on the dorm roofs until it had built up around the […]

New Field Was Landscaped – June 1987

Jim Polk had this idea of doing a summer football camp, but the field was not ideal – it was a rolling area filled with rocks. We decided to have an all base work day where EVERYONE was involved and came to work on it, which was around 30 staff and 30 kids. We had […]

First snack bar – 1986-87

The snack bar started back in 1986, in the bowling alley in dorm 3, where the nursery is now (yes, we used to have a bowling alley!).  We first started by serving drinks and snacks for the DTS, then in 1987 a couple by the name of Dave and Jean Cowan came back to the […]

First Base Director & First DTS (September 1985)

In 1984, David Graham went to a conference in Bolivia as a guest of Loren Cunningham’s, and little did David know that Loren would introduce him as the next base director of YWAM Montana-Lakeside. This came as a complete surprise to David, but in the end it turned out to be prophetic! David became the […]

Auction for the base – June 1985

Up to this point, we had been talking to churches and many people were praying, but there was still no money coming in except for the oil well money. But we continued on in faith! The auction took place in the cafeteria; at least 20 people were there to watch, most of them being YWAMers. […]

First SWAT School – Doug’s Story (1987)

We had 13 students for this school, which ended up running for only 1 year. None of the students had any money to pay for the school, so an offering was taken on a Friday night meeting, and money miraculously multiplied!!! We had no idea how this could have happened except for God “multiplying the […]