Bring Him Home

There is an ancient Celtic saying that goes something like this: “Heaven and earth are only three feet apart, but in thin places that distance is even shorter.” Have you ever experienced a place like this; a moment where, as the poet Sharlande Sledge describes, “Where the door between this world and the next is cracked open for a moment and the light is not all on the other side?” 

This morning as I was enjoying my regular moments of quiet time with the Lord before commencing with my day, I felt prompted to open my internet browser and wend my way to a video clip I have watched many times. The specific piece of which I speak is a rendition of “Bring Him Home” from the extraordinarily popular Broadway musical Les Miserable; sung by, in my humble opinion, one of the best vocalists to have ever graced this unusual masterpiece.

As I listened this morning, eyes closed and caught up in the moment, I think I experienced a “thin place.” For a few fleeting moments, I was no longer hearing the prayer of Jean Valjean for a young revolutionary who had fallen in love with his daughter but I heard the voice of Jesus as he might have sung to the Father just prior to his crucifixion. Filled with concern for the young disciples he would be leaving and knowing what they would soon be facing without him, his voice, filled with passion and pathos, at the same time resonated with a profound confidence. Jesus knew that no matter what the future held, his Father could and would be faithful to do whatever was necessary to “bring them home,” even if it meant allowing His most precious, only begotten son to be sacrificed on their behalf.

As I continued to listen with tears now pooling the corners of my eyes, I found such great comfort in knowing that Jesus not only prayed for them, he was praying for me; that I, too, would one day safely find myself home. As with any analogy, I don’t mean to press this one any farther than it should be intended but would you allow me to invite you to do something within the next few hours? Find a quiet place, click on the link below and after watching the introduction, close your eyes and listen to the magnificent voice of Alfie Boe as he sings “Bring Him Home.” Perhaps like me, you will not just hear the voice of Jean Valjean praying for his future son-in-law but in a “thin place,” you will hear the voice of Jesus as he prays to the Father on your behalf, ever interceding for you until the day you find yourself home in the arms of the Father forever.  Bring Him Home

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