Montana Updates

Columbia Falls, MT (Habitat for Humanity)

The Carpentry Apprenticeship has been involved with Habitat for Humanity over the last year. In Columbia Falls they are building 16 Duplex 3 bed, 2 bath houses. Each week on Wednesday, we take our apprenticeship crew to the site where we jump in to the construction process. We have been able to make a great impact with our professional crew of apprentices and staff.

The Site Superintendent for the Flathead Valley has a heart for teaching and training. It is a great experience for our apprentices because they are able to take part in building the same house multiple times and see the process repeatedly. We will continue to use this outreach as a regular training time each year.

Big Sky Bible Camp, MT

Big Sky Bible Camp (BSBC) is a Christian camp on Echo Lake. They have summer camps and retreats year round for everyone from children to adults.

The Lakeside Carpentry Crew started 3 years ago working alongside their maintenance staff to take on a project at the BSBC facility. YWAM Montana and the Lakeside Carpentry Crew were able to donate the lion’s share of the material to build 2 new summer cabins and re-side the main dining hall. Like us, the staff of BSBC are all volunteers. It’s a real blessing to work alongside others working for the Kingdom, and move them along in their master plan. We have built long term relationships with the staff and will continue to bless and be blessed by them.

Ready to make the jump.

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Finding Heaven on Earth in the Outdoors

Question: What happens when you get outdoor educators, hikers, environmental stewards, guides, gear junkies, outfitters, Leave No Trace gurus, thrill seekers, camp counselors, trekkers, travelers,

A Person of Peace

God can and does use whoever He needs to expand His Kingdom for His glory.  Back in 2006, I was part of a community development