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All around the world—in every city, school, workplace, church, and organization—there is a need to communicate across cultures. We desire to be effective speakers and communicators, whose words and actions can cross community boundaries in positive, life-changing ways. The world needs more hope, and we want to share our hope with the world. During this school we will practice: What to say, and how to say it. And we will do this all while having fun exploring Montana’s own unique culture and pristine outdoors.


The School of Communication and Culture (C&C) is designed to equip people who have a heart for social justice by increasing their cross-cultural communication skills while examining different cultures, customs, and contexts from across the globe. A wide range of topics and skills are covered through deep experience-based learning with an emphasis on interactive learning activities and reflective discussions that are both fun and effective.

Each week, we will shine a light on a new context of communication used in ministry, such as: Refugees, Children & Youth, Sports & Fitness, Hospitality, Business, Justice, and more. We will also unearth the complexities of “Hot and Cold” cultures, and we will wrestle with the best ways to share our faith, hope, and love with a world broken by guilt, shame, and fear.


This course is open to speakers of all languages and levels of learning, and participants will be given support according to their specific language learning needs. No matter what your native language is, or what languages you may still be learning—all are welcome here. All of us have more we can learn from each other. A graduate of this program will be more comfortably and confidently prepared to join the ranks of international workers in many industries and humanitarian missions around the world. The earth will be made greater because you joined us for this school.

We will listen, together.
We will speak to the world.
We will restore broken hearts.


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Weekly Schedule

Our schedule consists of classes and activities Monday through Friday, with opportunities on the weekends for recreation and attending one of our local churches. Students will join with other schools and meetings on campus for prayer and worship throughout the week, and all students at YWAM Montana-Lakeside participate in various work duties that support the campus and positively add to the learning environment.


This school teaches Cross-Cultural Communication skills with a special focus on the language required when leading or working for ministries in the world of Christian missions. Accordingly, the schedule is designed to cover a majority of all communication skills required in daily life inside our community as well as overseas outreaches. Most classes include thought-provoking stories and stand-on-your-feet activities, designed to keep you actively learning throughout this school. Small groups are often used to encourage discussions among learners from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.  


Below, are the many areas our students are able to improve their Communication and Culture skills during this school.



Language skills are an important part of being able to communicate cross-culturally, and we will explore language specific to each of the weekly topics and real-life stories from ministries around the world. During this course, instruction will be given in English, however this school is open to speakers and students of all languages, and every student will be given support according to their specific language learning needs.



Every week we will investigate the role that culture plays in our conversations and daily interactions. We will do this through videos, discussions, and one-on-one interviews designed to give us empathy and awareness for others. We will uncover key strategies and attitudes as we seek to become better communicators. We will gain empathy through learning about those whose cultures are different than our own, and we will increase our self-awareness as we reflect on our own cultures and the potentially negative effects they may have on our intercultural experiences.



In addition to understanding the cultures of our world, we will also take a look at a wide array of ministries that exist right here on our campus, as well as other ministries from across the continents. We will see, hear, and experience the product of good communication and cultural knowledge through Q&A sessions with leaders of those ministries. As part of our language practice, we will also read short, meaningful, real-life stories from many ministries and cultures around the world.



We will have many chances to get out and discover the beauty of Montana, and to explore its rich history and dramatic landscapes. These outings will help us to have a deeper understanding of American culture, as we hike through forests, visit museums, tour towns and cities, and enjoy connecting with other like-minded people in our valley.



As a school, we will join together with other students on the campus to help care for the facilities with which we've been blessed. These work duties often include housekeeping, meal prep, meal clean-up, or another area of service. These times also provide students with many opportunities to practice and discuss the topics studied in class with people from different cultural backgrounds.



At YWAM Montana, along with YWAM International, we value worship and intercessory prayer. We also think it's a great way to start your day. We will have several opportunities each week to partake in these activities, as well as to explore the language used in various poetic and artistic forms of spiritual expression.



We will unpack a short story from the Bible every week, and discover what it teaches us about God, about ourselves, and about that week’s topic. And we will learn simple techniques for communicating the message of the Bible to our culture—and to mankind—which so often struggles under the trappings of guilt, shame, and fear. (This is a great course for anyone who wishes to take part in a School of Biblical Studies in a foreign language or foreign country.)



Together, we will relax and unwind, and enjoy an inspiring movie each week in order to highlight the different topics of the course. These amazing films and documentaries will help us to register with the human experience at the heart of each of these stories, and to realize how we too can bring hope and restoration to the world. We believe there are many more things that God has in store for you during the School of Communication and Culture...This is simply the start.




Local Outreaches

This course features a number of fun and practical local outreaches, including a partnership with other schools and churches to offer a week-long VBS for youth in our community. There will also be a Capstone Project at the end of the course, along with a number of media projects spread throughout the course, which together offer many potential services to actual ministries.


International Outreaches (optional)

There are no international outreaches included in this course. However, there are numerous opportunities in our Target Nations for you to bring hope and transformation—through cross-cultural communication—through effectively sharing your life and faith with others. Contact your school leader for more information, or to find an outreach location that’s a good fit for you.


School Leaders

Andrew Brooks

Andy is originally from California and he currently resides here at YWAM Montana-Lakeside with his wife, Cortnie, and their four children: Eoghan, Finnegan, Lochlan and Liam. Andy has been working with TESOL seminars in Lakeside since 2009. In 2012, he completed his DTS here at Lakeside along with his family, and their outreach was to Reykjavik, Iceland. Since then, they've traveled with DTS and TESOL teams to Thailand, Cambodia, and Taiwan. Andy has a heart for inspiring and equipping others to fulfill their dreams and all God has for them. He loves to spend time outdoors hiking and backpacking, watching movies with subtitles, roasting coffee in his kitchen, and he makes a mean cappuccino.

Andrew Kapke

Andrew Kapke received his TESOL certificate at YWAM Montana in 2016, and joined YWAM Montana staff in 2017. He has done several schools and been on various outreaches with YWAM Montana, including SBS and an outreach to Taiwan in 2015. Andrew has stood out to our base as a qualified leader, and he has been given important management roles around the base and privately in our local community. He is extraordinarily passionate in the ways that he connects with our international students in Montana, always volunteering himself as he takes care of their specific needs and always being very hospitable. He will be co-leading the Communication & Culture course this year.

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