Directed Readings in Biblical Studies


Course Description.

The Directed Readings in Biblical Studies course is a directed program designed to expose the student to a breadth of historical Biblical interpretation, Church History and Biblical Worldview philosophy. During the course, the student will read a large volume of reference literature from a pre-selected list determined by the course advisor. Application of the material provides the student with resources for preaching, teaching or personal Bible study.


The course involves reading 100 pages per day, 6 days a week for 12 weeks. Reading material will be decided by the course supervisor. You will work approximately 6 -8 hours per day.


• Read 10 pages/day of the New testament for 3 months (6 days per week).
• New Testament History F.F. Bruce
• Old Testament Times R.K. Harrison (or) A Survey of Israel’s History Leon Wood
• The Evangelical Dictionary of Theology ed. Elwell
• Bible Dictionary – We recommend Zondervan, NIV or NBD.
• A History of Christianity Kenneth Scott Lautourette
• The Complete Works of Francis Schaeffer: A Christian World View (5 volumes)
• The Book that Made Your World – Vishal Manglwadi

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Other Reading Courses.

We also offer a Directed Readings in Discipleship course. This directed program is designed to broaden and deepen understanding of Discipleship, and its application to an everyday biblically-founded faith-filled Christian life, while inspiring people to continue their own process of discipleship, educating and shaping them to better disciple others.

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