Equip is an intensely effective 6-week leadership development course. It provides a resource-rich environment where DTS leaders and team members are equipped in character, skills and Spirit, so that both DTS students and programs worldwide may benefit and develop according to their individual and corporate callings.

We focus on the core of who we are as disciples first. Identity in Christ, what we believe, who we are as believers and as a mission. This is the core building block for any leader. Topics include…

Week 1: Core Identity – “Roots”

• Being a Disciple; Identity in Christ
• The Language of God
• The Bible and the Fundamentals of Christianity
• Foundations of YWAM and DTS

Week 2: Character

Focusing on how we think, act, reason, and walk as disciples, which determines who we are as leaders and disciplers. Topics include…
• DTS Curriculum
• Implicational thinking and belief systems
• Servant Leadership and Followership
• Spiritual Authority• Integrity, Character, Conduct and Calling

Week 3: Interpersonal & Relational Issues

How do we relate to others? What has made me who I am today, and understanding others? Topics include…
• Communication and Conflict Resolution
• Discipling Difficult Students and Staff

Week 4: Practical Skills – “Nuts & Bolts”

How to get it done. From the classroom to leading people. Topics include…
• Self-awareness
• Leadership styles
• Small groups, one on ones
• Running a classroom
• Mentoring dynamics and models

Week 5: Outreach Underway

Whatever we do as followers of Christ, it always comes down to this: outreach. This week we do it. Participants construct and accomplish local outreaches, as well as receive training and lectures.

Lectures include:
• What is outreach?
• What is evangelism?
• Preparing outreaches
• “Fruitful” Outreach Practices
• Cross-Cultural Communication
• Culture Shock

Outreach constitutes the majority of time spent.

Week 6: Wrapping Up Outreach

This addresses more issues we need to embrace as leaders of others, especially related to missions, local churches, and working with teams. Topics include…
• Debriefing and Re-entry
• Crisis Management
• Working with the Local Church
• Evaluations

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If you are planning on working with YWAM completing a DTS is required. If you hope to use this course in a different capacity we wold love to talk with you! Please fill out our contact form or call our office.

Weekly Schedule

6 weeks of intense lectures, assignments and activities covering the identity, character, personal development, skills, discipleship keys, leadership skills, outreach teaching, preparation, and practical application.
Content is provided via lectures, reading, projects, teaching assignments and personal outreach.

Lecture 18 Hours/Week

18 Hours/Week

Students will learn from a variety of speakers on topics foundational to discipleship, and leadership. The format of DTS Equip focuses on one subject per week, giving students an overview of the material as well as opportunities to apply learned principles to their lives.

Elective Evening Lecture 2 Hours/Week

2 Hours/Week

Students have the option to attend additional evening lectures for further learning.

Student Teachings 2 Hours/Week

2 Hours/Week

Students will teach in groups on YWAM Values and selections from the DTS curriculum.

Discussion Groups & One-on-ones 2 Hours/Week

2 Hours/Week

Small groups will meet to discuss the week's topics. You will also be discussing what God has been doing in your life personally and learning more about who God is through open, healthy relationships with others.

Work Duties 10 Hours/Week

10 Hours/Week

At YWAM Montana we believe in a servant-hearted attitude and lifestyle. So as a part of the DTS curriculum, you will serve in different areas on our campus for 2 hours a day during the week. You will serve in areas like: Meal prep, Meal clean-up, housekeeping, facilities, maintenance, etc.

Worship & Intercession 6 Hours/Week

6 Hours/Week

At YWAM Montana, along with YWAM International, we value Worship and Intercession. During the course of lecture phase you will have at least 3 hours of intercessory prayer and 3 hours of corporate worship through a single lecture week.

Assignments and Research 8 Hours/Week

8 Hours/Week

Application & Evangelism 3 Hours/Week

3 Hours/Week

Students will have a chance to put what they've have learned into practice through various events and opportunities on base and in our community.


School Leaders

Jeremy West

Jeremy has been with YWAM since 1995. His primary passion is the combined development of personal discipleship and leadership, also traveling and teaching both domestically and internationally. He serves on YWAM Lakeside Montana's Leadership Council, and is a member of YWAM's International DTS Centre. Jeremy is married with three children.

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