First snack bar – 1986-87

The snack bar started back in 1986, in the bowling alley in dorm 3, where the nursery is now (yes, we used to have a bowling alley!).  We first started by serving drinks and snacks for the DTS, then in 1987 a couple by the name of Dave and Jean Cowan came back to the base to start a book store snack bar; they had the vision for it and really wanted to run it. The snack bar was moved to where the dance studio is now and was there until Dave and Jean left YWAM Montana.

Fran Sifuentes had a vision of the snack bar becoming more of a place where fellowship could take place and where we could have room to open it for Friday night community nights.  So Fran took it over and moved it to where the Library is now. It was much larger, and we had tables and chairs for people to visit during the day and on Friday nights for the community.

A few years later it was moved to where it is now, only without the room for the student center.  We had booths for people to sit and we sold books, snacks, and music of some of  the YWAM Montana staff.  It was a great place to get to visit with staff and get to know each other.

Fran ran the snack bar for 4 more years and then turned it over to Jeanette Brewster, who carried it on from there. Since then there have been improvements to the snack bar with the expansion of the student center; it has become a great meeting place, where both students and staff come to study and hang out!

Ready to make the jump.

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