God Is Love

I wanted to come into DTS perfect. Sounds silly, right? But truthfully, I came into this experience with some baggage. I strove to adhere and maintain strict discipline because I wanted to be pleasing to God and others. It ruled over me to a point where I would be hard on others and their downfalls. The truth is, I was really harboring that criticism on myself. l was not yet perfected in the love of the Father.
Throughout DTS God began to show me that my drive to perform weighed me down. I stretched myself in ways that robbed me of my joy. 
During Father Heart of God Week, our speaker said something profound that caught my attention: “There’s nothing you can do to make God love you less. If you never read His word again or never prayed another prayer, God’s love for you would never change.” This blew my mind. I thought to myself, “Wow! If I didn’t work so hard to try and win His approval, He would love me regardless?”  I didn’t take this as license to rebel because I believe God desires the best for us. But rather, I learned a precious truth that despite how hard I try to earn His love with my tiresome efforts, His love for me was complete. And what’s better is that He actually desired for me to be free from my own perfection! I could serve Him without conditions holding me back.
I can confidently proclaim today that God loves His children because He IS Love.  It is His character! And motivated by love, God sent His Son Jesus to pay not only for our sins but rule-based acceptance! I learned that Love is full of grace and doesn’t point fingers if we don’t “measure up”. His Love for humanity is made complete in Jesus. I learned that there is no other standard I need to uphold other than to love with my whole heart. And to do the best I can in any situation! This is good news!
I am so thankful that God has made His love real to me. I end this story with an awesome revelation: I am loved. You are loved. Look in the mirror today and know God loves you.

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We Are All Counselors

We are all counselors. Christians and non-Christians alike, in every word and deed, provide counsel to another of either righteousness or wickedness. Though not everyone