Old Testament Studies Seminar

Why attend the Old Testament Studies Seminar?

This course is designed to give the student who is familiar with the content of the books of the Old Testament the opportunity for advanced study of the Old Testament. This is not an Old Testament Survey. Rather, the course is an analytical study of the Old Testament and its themes and the theology that can be derived from these. The goal is to obtain a better understanding of the whole of the Old Testament, particularly of the God of the Old Testament and His working through history and the nation of Israel, in order to better understand the fulfillment of the Old Testament in Jesus Christ.

The Old Testament Studies Seminar is ideal for the SBS graduate who desires to go deeper into the theological issues raised by the Old Testament without having to go to seminary.

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DTS Required. SBS is recommended.

Weekly Schedule

At the completion of this course the student should be able to:
1. Discuss in depth the major themes of the Old Testament
2. Outline and explain the canonical development of the Redemptive-Historical plan of God
3. Outline and explain the canonical development of the Kingdom of God
4. Outline and explain the significance of the Story of Israel
5. Interpret individual OT texts in light of the role they play in the development of an OT Theology

Required Reading 20 Hours/Week

20 Hours/Week

Waltke, Bruce. An Old Testament Theology. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2007.

Lecture 6 Hours/Week

6 Hours/Week

Each week will include two 3-hour lectures on the material and topics covered in the textbooks.

Summary Papers 1 Hours/Week

1 Hours/Week

Each week the student will be required to write one 2-3 page, single-sided, double-spaced (10-12 pt.) Summary Papers, one for each required textbook. The summaries should demonstrate that the student understands:
1. The major themes, topics or thoughts covered
2. How these contribute to the unfolding Story

**Also included should be at least a paragraph on what impacted you the most from the readings.

Journal Entry 1 Hours/Week

1 Hours/Week

Each week the student will submit a one page, single-sided, single-spaced (10-12 pt. type) “journal entry.” The student is to place him/herself into the Story of Israel and reflect on what it may have been like if they lived in each era as the Story unfolded.

Final Research Paper 4 Hours/Week

4 Hours/Week

At the beginning of the final class each student will submit one 8-10 page, single-sided, double-spaced (10-12 pt.) research paper. The paper should discuss a major topic or theme relevant to Old Testament theology. The paper should include:
1. A thesis
2. An introduction explaining what the paper will discuss and how it will discuss it
3. A well thought out and articulated body
4. A concise summary and closing with points of application for the reader
5. Footnotes
6. A Bibliography

Work Duties 6 Hours/Week

6 Hours/Week

At YWAM Montana we believe in a servant-hearted attitude and lifestyle. So as a part of  this course, you will serve in different areas on our campus for 6 hours during the week. You will serve in areas like: Meal prep, Meal clean-up, housekeeping, facilities, maintenance, etc.

School Leaders

Mark Masucci

Mark has been with YWAM since 1985. He completed the SBS in 1987. He has served with F.E.E.T. Ministry in Hong Kong from 1987-1991. He served as the Director of the SBS Department in Lakeside, MT from 1994-2004. He has a Masters of Christian Studies degree from Regent College in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

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