Old Testament Studies Seminar


Course Description.

This course is designed to give the student who is familiar with the content of the books of the Old Testament the opportunity for advanced study of the Old Testament. This is not an Old Testament Survey. Rather, the course is an analytical study of the Old Testament and its themes and the theology that can be derived from these. The goal is to obtain a better understanding of the whole of the Old Testament, particularly of the God of the Old Testament and His working through history and the nation of Israel, in order to better understand the fulfillment of the Old Testament in Jesus Christ.

The Old Testament Studies Seminar is ideal for the SBS graduate who desires to go deeper into the theological issues raised by the Old Testament without having to go to seminary.


Each week, you will have two, three-hour lectures on the material and topics covered in the corresponding textbooks.

You will also be required to write summary papers for each required textbook. The summaries should demonstrate your understanding of the major themes, topics or thoughts covered and how these contribute to the unfolding story of the Old Testament.


Old Testament Studies Seminar aims to go beyond the Biblical introduction you receive in SBS. This seminar will build on your understanding of Scriptural content and build a framework for the overall story of the Bible which will lead you to more accuracy when studying and teaching the Word!

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