School of Communication and Culture

All around the world—in every city, school, workplace, church, and organization—there is a need to communicate across cultures. We desire to be effective speakers and communicators, whose words and actions can cross community boundaries in positive, life-changing ways. The world needs more hope, and we want to share our hope with the world. During this school we will practice: What […]View School Page

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Can I be Complete Without Marriage?

I’ve heard it suggested that marriage is the only place you can attain full intimacy with God. It seems that because Christian covenant marriage is the concession for full, and hopefully safe, expression of one’s sexuality, it is synonymously the epitome of intimacy. However, I do not believe this is true. Let me try to […]

Posted: March 14, 2018 By: Erika Haveman
Be Counter-cultural

“…this Western Culture that we are a part of, no longer believes that there is any such thing as an absolute truth.” You and I live in a world which stresses the idea that “truth” is a relative term. The vast majority of people we interact with on a daily basis believe, with ever growing […]

Posted: March 7, 2018 By: Jason Sheneman