EST. 1985

Is the Crossroads Discipleship Training School for me? CDTS is offered through Mission Builders International (MBI) at YWAM Montana, which is especially designed for adults ages 30 and older who are seeking spiritual renewal, vision, or new direction. This school provides a unique opportunity to know God more intimately, to increase in godly character, and to become involved in missions. We will spend twelve-weeks in a classroom-like setting and the program is typically run as a residential “live and learn” program. In a way, it can be described as a long retreat that you won’t want to end! Each week a different speaker addresses topics that are core to Christian beliefs designed to grow your faith in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The CDTS has a 12-week lecture phase followed by an 8-week field assignment.

Training Phase

The training phase consists of weekly teaching in the format of lectures that take place in a classroom environment. A safe atmosphere is created to help the learning time to be meaningful and open between the teacher and the student.

Worship & Intercession

At YWAM Montana, along with YWAM International, we value Worship and Intercession. This is a time when we come together both as a school and corporately with the base to pray and worship together.


Students will learn from a variety of speakers on topics foundational to discipleship and missions. The format of DTS focuses on one subject per week, giving students an overview of discipleship as well as opportunities to apply learned principles to their lives.

Small Groups

During lecture phase you will meet with a small group of your peers, along with a DTS staff member and discuss the week's topics. You will also be discussing what God has been doing in your life personally and learning more about who God is through open, healthy relationships with others.


Students will process their own areas of growth and discipleship individually with a DTS staff person

Work Duties

At YWAM Montana we believe in a servant-hearted attitude and lifestyle. So as a part of the CDTS curriculum, you will serve in different areas on our campus for 2 hours a day during the week. You will serve in areas like: Meal prep, Meal clean-up, housekeeping, facilities, maintenance, etc

Outreach Prep

Although you are in lecture phase, you will still be preparing for your outreach phase. Students and outreach leaders will prepare together as a team for outreach. Preparation includes activities such as learning about the culture and nation, practicing dramas and music, intercession for the nation, and preparing to carry out YWAM's three-fold ministry focus of training, evangelism and mercy ministry in the country or location where they are going. You will be meeting a minimum of 3 hours a week. Additional time may be needed if your team requires further prep for special scenarios.


Following the 12-weeks of lecture phase, students typically participate in an 8-week field assignment somewhere in the world to share the love of Jesus by serving others. This CDTS will have outreaches which focus on serving YWAM bases in different locations in North America and beyond. A typical outreach will serve in 2-3 locations for 2-4 weeks at a time. The outreach destination is often determined before the school begins but not necessarily solidified. During the lecture/training phase much prayer, dialog and input goes into the location before the school is over. The outreach is a time for the content of the lectures and the discovery of call and gifts to be of great benefit to the people that we share the Gospel no matter where we are led. It is a rich and memorable experience that adds and equips the learning to be a great addition to God's purposes. MBI is conducting the CDTS under the auspices of YWAM Montana which has generously offered its help in registering CDTS students for them to qualify for educational credits through the University of the Nations.

School Leaders
Pete & Fran Sifuentes

Pete committed his life to follow Jesus Christ in 1972. He served as worship pastor seven years before moving to Lakeside, Montana, where they joined the first DTS at this location. After completing the DTS, Pete and Fran, joined the staff and have been serving as school staff. The Sifuentes’ directed the SOW for 20 years. They are currently serving YWAM Montana and Mission Builders International as the school leaders for the Crossroads DTS. The Sifuentes have two daughters, Tina and Celina and four grandchildren.