EST. 1985

The School of Dance Studies provides students with intense holistic training and study in order to best utilize the gift God has given them.  During the school students will be pushed to their limits physically, mentally, and spiritually. Emphasis is placed on excellence along with strong spiritual foundations.

The school begins with a six-month lecture phase designed to prepare students for both the required two-month outreach within the program and the dance world outside of our school. During this challenging process we’ve found that God intensely works through all parts of the school—even the academically-focused pieces. Consequently, we make sure to take the time for both group and individual reflection during which we examine what we’re learning spiritually, academically, physically, and emotionally. Students are given practical ministry and performance opportunities in the local community during lecture phase. Our outreach phase broadens these opportunities as both staff and students join together on a performing arts focused outreach in another country.


Lecture Phase

During the School of Dance Studies lecture phase we study in many different areas which we feel are valuable to the integration of dance and ministry—whether you’re looking to enter missions, the dance industry, or simply love dance and desire a more well-rounded view of the art God’s gifted to you. Our staff and teachers instruct from a foundation of truth and excellence. Our core classes within lecture phase include Dance Technique, Dance Composition, Anatomy, and Dance History. We also offer a brief look at multiple other topics. Please note that you will not only be required to dance approximately 2-7 hours each day, but will also need to be prepared to sit in lectures, take notes, read informational texts, study for tests, and write papers.

Worship & Intercession

Taking time to join together as a group to worship God, declare the goodness of His character, and pray for other people and places.


The goal of these lectures is to increase our knowledge and wisdom of both God and dance/the arts. We examine Dance History, Anatomy, and Dance Composition in more depth. And then we take a briefer look at multiple other topics that we feel are valuable to the integration of dance and ministry.

Dance Technique Classes

Daily, we take the time to train in different dance techniques so that our bodies are ready and able to freely express our hearts with excellence and integrity. Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and other classes are included in this time of study.

Dance Rehearsals

Both resident staff and outside guest artists create dances for the students to learn. We aim to provide a variety of different choreographic and dance styles for students. As staff, we recognize that balancing rest with dancing is valuable and that it is impractical for each student to be in every dance. Consequently, there will be some weeks which do not include rehearsal for everyone.

Work Duties

As a school, we join together with other students on base to help care for the facilities with which we've been blessed. These work duties often include either cleaning, meal preparation, or meal clean-up.


Performing, teaching dance workshops, and serving in practical ways are all a part of our dance outreaches. Coffee shops, orphanages, city streets, schools, churches, and hospitals are a few of the venues where we often minister. Each outreach concludes with a week-long debriefing time which focuses on helping students process through the entire school. Our previous outreach locations include Italy, Croatia, Rwanda, Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico, and the London 2012 Olympic Games.