Putting Missions Into Missionary

When you come to DTS, you cannot wait to change the world. You come with tons of questions like “Who am I?” and “Who is God?” I came to DTS at the ripe age of 25 and couldn’t wait to go change India. My experience with missions, India and God turned out to be more of me being changed than India or the world. I want to share a very humbling experience I had in Lonavala, India on January 11, 2012. I was on my DTS outreach and we knew God was moving in the city and in the team, but I was so caught up in how He wasn’t using me that I became distracted and really selfish. On this particular night we went into a slum and we got to do a drama to the song “Beautiful” by Phil Wickham. We happened to do this drama on the porch of a Hindu temple. After the drama we got to share the truth of the gospel with maybe 50 Indians and then we split into small groups to go pray for people in their homes. Seriously?! The porch of a Hindu temple? God is so good!

The story is just beginning. Our three groups split up and went to pray. We just knew that God was going to do something HUGE. He did! That night two guys on my team prayed for over an hour for a man who had suffered a stroke and hadn’t gotten out of bed in two years! Slowly but surely this man rubbed his head, moved his legs and then got up and walked to the door! He then began to profess” Yeshu, Yeshu” which is “Jesus” in Hindi. This man experienced the healing power of a living God and could no longer dispute our God! Another group prayed for a woman dying of cancer. She was involved in witchcraft as well as being a Hindu. The main girl in our group praying was 17 and knew that God was going to heal this woman. We prayed for 20 minutes and her family asked us to leave. Our contact went to check on her the next day not knowing what to expect. When he got to her home she met him in the front yard, and she was speaking and eating! The doctors had sent her home to die of cancer and God healed her!

Our God is alive! He is healing! He is power! He is grace and He is love. I went to India expecting to change it and God changed me so much more than I had ever imagined He could. God doesn’t need us but when we humble ourselves and partner with Him, it is truly an amazing testimony of our Heavenly Father’s love!


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