Train and send out world-changers

Readiness Center

And we will change a community, a nation, the world.

Living and learning in a community is what God intends for us. It’s how we disciple each other and learn to be disciples ourselves. We’ve made do with modest facilities for many years, but now, through the generosity of individual ministry partners, family, and friends, we have seen a 20-year prayer answered! This journey has been long and is still far from over, but we celebrate God’s provision! He has made the impossible possible and is guiding us in launching the next generation of young people onto the mission field.

A Readiness Center is Taking Shape.

Together we commit to the communication of the gospel by training, sending, supporting and being missionaries.

With the new building comes

Students Trained
Each Year
People Fed
Every Day
Performance Stage
New Classrooms
Plus a Nursery
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Why We Do What We Do

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Welcome to Montana

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Day in the Life

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Fall DTS Week 6 Review

Why the Readiness Center.

Our vision is that we will do even more in the future than we’ve already done. That we will be mobilizing more youth who have had transforming training and growth take place in their lives here.