School Of Worship Seminar


Course Description.

A seminar providing Biblical instruction regarding the nature of worship and praise, the forms and expressions of worship and praise – both personally and corporately, and enriching the experiences of engaging with God and giving Him glory.

Objectives include:

1. Learning the principles of effective teamwork and leadership in serving the church and glorifying God through corporate worship and praise.

2. Applying team and servanthood principles by appreciating the worship team, supporting them and the worship leader.

3. Encouraging the worship leader and team through words, deeds, and prayer.

4. Gain more tools on Songwriting.

The topics will often mirror those in the School of Worship (ATS/CHR 261)

YWAM Values Outcomes.

  • We will know God better by learning more about worship. As we enter and know more about worship, we will be transformed & receive a greater revelation from Him and an understanding of his Character.
  • We will make God known by being a reflection of his character. Worship changes us, then we will say “Send me Lord”, like Isaiah. We grow in our ability to Hear God’s Voice as we spend time in worship and responding to Him.
  • The student’s discipline and love for worship will grow as we intentionally set time apart for that, this will help us focus to do this for the Nations.
  • We will be relationship-oriented. Nothing happens without relationships.
  • We will have a Biblical Christian understanding of worship as we submerge in the word and what worship means according to the Bible, as we do this we will see more the heart of God for the nations.
  • We will exhibit servant leadership by relinquishing our rights to our own preferred worship styles (expressions) in order to serve whoever we are working with.
  • Do first, then teach, we want to be intentional about our students.
  • We Practice dependence on God as we put everything we do in our worship in the Lord’s hands. Our knowledge, our musical or creative ministry is His, He is our Guidance!
  • Communion with the Holy Spirit is very important as we spend time together.

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Deepen your understanding and expression in Worship and Worship Leadership.

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