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Staff Needs

It takes a small village to run YWAM Montana | Lakeside, and if you are interested in helping us staff our base, then you have found the right place. Below is a list of some of our biggest needs regarding staff positions that need to be filled along with some more information about what you can expect when on staff. Also, please read the Staff Commitment section below carefully before inquiring.  We hope you prayerfully consider joining our incredible team, and can’t wait to hear from you.

Position Descriptions

Below is a list of all of the positions that we are currently needing staff along with a small description of what the job entails, and what helpful skills and/or requirements there are for working in that particular area.  Please don’t feel like you have to meet all of the requirements or have all of the skills listed, they are merely baselines for what we are looking for in those particular roles.  If you are interested in serving here at YWAM Montana | Lakeside in one of these roles in particular, please contact us using the form below.

Landscaping & Grounds

Our Landscaping and Grounds team is looking for anyone with a green thumb and a willingness to serve!  With 40 acres of property, we have a lot to look after – keeping it green in the summer, and clear of snow in the winter!  There are great opportunities for disciples, and creating a beautiful space for people to be trained and sent into missions.  Experience is not required.  We offer two year full time Staff positions, as well as shorter Mission Building Opportunities.


Our Housekeeping Team is in need of willing and able servants to help keep our YWAM Montana community a clean and well-run environment for training and sending to the nations. If you have a heart to serve, are organized, and are able to clean, then get in touch!  This is a great opportunity to disciple others – working alongside our DTS students, and nothing helps character be revealed like cleaning the loo! We offer two year full time Staff positions, as well as shorter Mission Building Opportunities.


Our Transportation and Automotive Mechanic team is in need of skilled, professional Mechanics to help us with our Fleet vehicles, as well as opportunities to work on other vehicles in our YWAM Community. If you have experience as a Mechanic, or want to serve using mechanical skills, and want to make a difference in the Kingdom of God through Automotive related services, then get in touch! We offer two year full time Staff positions, as well as shorter Mission Building Opportunities.  

Facilities Department

Our Facilities and Maintenance team is always looking for skilled, professional and willing-servants to help us with our in-house Construction and Maintenance, as well as opportunities to work with other YWAM ministries around the world. If you are experienced in Construction, Plumbing, Electrician work, Maintenance or General Contracting and want to make a difference in the Kingdom of God through your creativity, then get in touch! We offer two year full time Staff positions, as well as shorter Mission Building Opportunities.  Experience is not required, but sure is appreciated!

Dance Department

YWAM Montana’s Dance Department is currently looking for experienced dancers to join our staff team. If you are a dancer wanting to use your gift of dance as a tool in ministry and if you love discipleship and have a heart to see dance restored we would love to hear from you! Dance Dept. staff will have the opportunity to staff and travel with our dance touring company, partner in local ministry, staff our Summer of Dance program, and run the DTS Dance Track on base. We are looking for dancers with vision to expand the Dance Dept. at YWAM Montana, we believe God is doing new things through dance and we would love to have you join us for what He is doing.

Helpful Skills: Good communication, ability to teach dance technique, well rounded experience in various styles of dance, self-motivation, and vision for the arts.
Requirements: Formally trained in dance, and a heart of worship. DTS is required for full-time staff but you can join our company on tour without a DTS.

Hospitality is looking for someone that has a heart to serve and make others feel welcome.  The most important part is the heart but it also would be good to have someone that enjoys baking, being creative and has an eye for detail.  Besides the administrative part of booking rooms and handling finances, hospitality makes cards for staff’s birthdays and anniversaries, does baking for staff, guests and students, cleans and sets up rooms for guests and speakers, blesses departments by helping them with hospitality from time to time when needed.  If you find yourself drawn to this kind of work and you feel God leading you in this direction of service, we would love to hear from you.

Creative Media

Our Creative Media team is always looking for skilled, professional and fun Creatives to help us with our in-house marketing as well as opportunities to work with other YWAM ministries around the world. If you are experienced in Graphic Design, Web-development or Film Making and want to make a difference in the Kingdom of God through your creativity, then get in touch! We offer short term internships (1-6 months) as well as two year full time staff positions.

Helpful Skills: Web Development, Photography, great people skills, team player, hard working. A mega-fan of one of the following: Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings or Pokemon.
Requirements: Up to date knowledge of the Adobe Suite software. At least 1-2 years of experience in your area of specialism. Able to work collaboratively in teams and take direction from the Creative Director. DTS is required for full time staff positions but you may come as an intern without a DTS

This is both an interpersonal and administratively skilled position often referred to as the ‘front door’ of our ministry for students as they begin the process of applying and attending here.  If you have a heart for seeing students start the path of knowing God and making Him known while using your office skills at the same time, this is a critical position to consider.  Responsibilities include overseeing the admissions process for all students, answering any communication regarding schools and programs, directing and coordinating registration activities for schools running on the base, maintaining records of past and present students, as well as communicating with and dispersing information to prospective students and current school leaders.

Helpful Skills: Communication Skills, Administrative Skills, High Attention to Details, Moderate Understanding of Database Operations, Basic Knowledge of Working in Academic Environments

Staff Commitment

As you pray about becoming part of the volunteers of YWAM Montana we are asking you to join the whole ministry of YWAM Lakeside Montana as well as a primary area of ministry. It takes all of us giving some time to our Critical Services area (IE: Kitchen, Facilities, Creative Media, Administration, Information Systems Management, etc.) to have an effective YWAM training community. Please note that a Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a prerequisite to have successfully completed before applying for staff, which can be done at any YWAM location.  Also, our staff positions are all voluntary based and involve personal support raising. We ask that everyone who is accepted to YWAM Montana Lakeside make a two year commitment to serve with us.

Our philosophy when it comes to ministry is that all positions are valid and spiritual. Some people are gifted and talented in accounting and some in dance. One gift is no more spiritual than the other and both are needed in our ministry to accomplish our mission. Coming alongside staff serving in Critical Services and allowing them to go on an outreach or just being a helping hand, will contribute to the overall effectiveness of our base.

Kitchen Work Duties: From the Base Director to the newest member, all staff rotate periodically into a work slot in the kitchen. This averages between 3 to 5 times a quarter.

Nehemiah Plan: This is based on the concept in Nehemiah of everyone helping to accomplish a big task. All of us serve in Critical Services for periods of time during our commitment at YWAM MT. We plan one year in advance and your leader will work out a suitable schedule for you.

In an effort to increase long-term effectiveness in our overseas outreaches and ministry, YWAM Montana-Lakeside adopted the concept of “targeting.” Currently, we are focusing on Cambodia, Nepal, Taiwan, Thailand, and Ukraine as our Target Nations*. We are partnering with YWAM ministries in these nations by coming alongside them in tangible ways to help them fulfill their vision and ministry goals. We do this by building relationships, sending school outreach teams, resources, and staff outreach teams to meet specific needs. Previously, team sending was not limited to only the Target Nations, but as of October 1st, 2014, YWAM MT-Lakeside has embarked on a season of narrowing our focus for the next 5 years to sending all of our resources (team sending and personal ministry) first and foremost to our Target Nations. We believe God is leading us to concentrate our efforts more specifically in order to see a greater impact together with long-term workers, see more fruit that lasts.

Request Info

If you are interested one of the positions listed above, please use the form below to contact us for more information about how you can join our team of Staff. Don’t worry about it going to the right place, based on your area of interest, you’ll be connected directly with someone in that department.