• The Surge

    The Surge

    Taiwan: 2014-2018

Our first Surge location is our Target Nation of Taiwan. The length of this Surge is 3 years (ending February 2018).  We are partnering with YWAM Taipei’s vision to pioneer YWAM locations in 3 of the least-reached areas of Taiwan: Taidong (south), Zhanghua (west), Yilan (east).  In the process of pioneering these 3 locations, as well as building on the existing ministry and relationships in Taipei, we feel God calling us to actively work toward and believe Him for these mutual goals:

  • 500
  • 50
  • 50

500 Disciples Made

YWAM Taipei is defining this as “new believers who are receiving ongoing discipleship.”

Culturally, many of the churches only consider a person a "true" Christian once they're baptized.  It was discussed quite a while whether this should be made a part of the measurement.  However, YWAM Taipei  felt that if we could evangelize people in such a way that they would get plugged into a local church setting, then we could trust that the local leadership of that church would naturally move them towards baptism.  

It is also the case that different churches have different requirements for what people must do before they get baptized (i.e. as far as classes, courses, lessons, etc.).  We want to leave that up to the local church leaders.  This would obviously help with the 2nd goal of church partnerships as we will be wanting evangelism to include a commitment to discipleship in the context of a local body of believers.  This seems to best accord with YWAM Taipei’s mission statement to "evangelize" and "disciple.”

We want to see all believers encouraged in joining and faithfully attending a local church.  However, we also know that this is not possible for some (i.e. those in prison or other special circumstances) or for some children whose parents do not allow them to go to church.  We believe that as long as there is ongoing intentional discipleship in the believer’s life we will consider them as part of the 500.


50 Church Partnerships

YWAM Taipei is defining this as a church partnership where they have a "communicated giving and receiving relationship.”

The concept of a "giving and receiving" relationship comes from Philippians 4:15 where Paul talks about his "partnership" with the Philippian church.  

"Communicated" means that, at some point in the next three years, we would actually sit down with the pastor, or leadership of the church, and be able to talk about and agree to giving AND receiving:  This would mean that we would hear what ways YWAM could serve and help them, as well as talking to the church about how they can partner and join in the calling God has given to YWAM - this could include financial help, releasing people to attend our schools or to join staff, or partnering in sending.   We would then continue in active relationship with that church.


50 Missionaries Sent

YWAM Taipei and YWAM Montana-Lakeside are defining this as a person who has committed to at least 5 years in Taiwan (Taipei staff moving to pioneer locations or Montana staff moving to any location in Taiwan).  YWAM Taipei is also including a minimum of a 5 year commitment to any frontier missions location for their staff.  Montana staff who go to Taiwan (as a result of the Surge) and get training (i.e. School of Frontier Missions) in order to move to a frontier location in another nation will also be included.  YWAM Taipei believes part of their calling is to be a conduit to help people on to their calling for frontiers.

YWAM Taipei believes incarnational ministry involves learning the language (as best as possible) and culture of the place you're called to serve.  Language learning takes a couple of years, so to leave right after that seems counterproductive.  We're talking about people really leaving (in the Abrahamic sense) and moving to a location with the intention of being there for at least 5 years.

This goal originates from YWAM Taipei’s mission statement of “releasing into frontier missions.”  


Target Locations

YWAM Montana-Lakeside is coming alongside the vision of YWAM Taipei to pioneer 3 new YWAM works by 2018 in the counties of Yilan, Taidong, and Zhanghua.  Pioneering new YWAM locations throughout Taiwan is something YWAM Taipei has felt God leading them to do for the last several years.  Yilan, Taidong and Zhanghua are the first 3 locations YWAM Taipei feels they are to begin with.  

The very first pioneer team was sent out from YWAM Taipei at the start of January 2015 to establish a YWAM work in Taidong!  Currently there are several staff considering being on a pioneer team for both Zhanghua and Yilan.  Please pray with us for God to give courage and strength to those He is calling to pioneer in these locations.

Impact of The Surge: Taiwan

More than 15 times throughout the Psalms and prophets is the cry, “How long, Oh Lord?”  How long until You move in our midst and make Yourself known?

Missionaries first brought the gospel to Taiwan over 140 years ago.  Yet unlike many of our Asian neighbors this land still has yet to see a significant revival on its soil.  Pause for a second and say that out loud - 140+ years without revival.  Government statistics say that approximately 4.5% of Taiwan’s 23+ million people are Christian, but this number includes cults and nominal believers.  Over 95% of the Taiwanese continue to be bound by ancestor worship, materialism, and fear of evil spirits.  We are outwardly prosperous, but spiritually bankrupt.  How long, Oh Lord?

We believe that God is moving now.  

He has called us to spread throughout the island – establishing three new permanent locations in areas of the island where as little as 1% of the people know Christ.   For most of its history in Taiwan, YWAM has been concentrated primarily in the north of the island.  Now, we believe it’s His timing to move to the south, east and west of the island to spread the call of God on YWAM “To know God and to make Him known.”

He has called us to seek to see 500 disciples made, not just hands raised with a prayer prayed.  These will be unprecedented numbers for us – but disciples who will make disciples are what form movements that change nations.  He has called us to establish partnerships with 50 churches.  For years we have sought to bless churches, but now we are praying and working towards building biblical partnership – formed by shared commitment to the Great Commission and evidenced by mutually benefitting relationships of giving and receiving.  Finally, He has called us to send – to see 50 people commit to at least 5 years in one of our Target Locations or in the frontiers outside of Taiwan.  One author said, “The history of kingdom breakthrough is a history of faithful submission to God’s Word over time in difficult places.”  Long-term impact requires long-term commitment and so we must pray and work to see people GO – with little thought to coming back.

How long Oh Lord?  We pray and believe that He is answering now.

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