The Truth Will Set You Free

I had never before seen the Holy Spirit fall with such power and conviction as it did while teaching God’s plan of redemption in a Nepali village. It was beautiful there. Rice paddies and vegetable fields were terraced into the sides of green hills. We slept on the third story of a traditional Nepali house, with goats living on the ground floor. It was our first Bible Overview Seminar and I was apprehensive about how the people would respond. Those in attendance were of varying ages – men and women, old and new believers. A sixteen-year-old girl, who had been a believer for just eight months, sat under the same teaching as a church elder who had been a believer for thirty years.

We started with the character of God and creation. As we worked through the Bible, we could see understanding begin to show in the faces of the people. God was bringing truth into their lives. On the third morning of the seminar, I taught about the coming of Jesus. As I opened with prayer I became so overwhelmed by what Jesus had done for us that it was almost as if God was changing me by my own teaching. As I finished, a woman began to weep. She had been a Christian for six years, but that day she realized for the first time that God had forgiven her past, present, and future sins. She no longer needed to live in fear of un-forgiveness. At the end of the seminar, we lit candles to illustrate how believers are the light to lead people out of the darkness. In the candle-lit room we thanked God for redeeming us. We wept – Nepalis and Foreigners alike – hands held high, crying out to the Lord with our whole hearts. With voices joined, we prayed for power, that the world would know the truth and be set free. May we continue to preach with boldness and be filled with His Spirit.


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