Theatre that Razes Walls

How does God speak through performance artists? You may think of acting as artifice, or as erecting a façade, in order to hide one’s true self, but I believe the opposite is true. We come to the theatre for an expression of the inexpressible—to expose the areas of the human condition which are the ‘elephant in the room’ of polite society. Using his emotions, body, and experience, the actor risks being publicly vulnerable and transparent; to express life at is ugliest…and most beautiful.

Subliminally, beyond our suspension of disbelief, this gives us the courage to explore the possibility of being open ourselves, of walking in the fullness of who we are created to be– engaging with the experience of living.

“I had hard times being who I was, especially in front of people. They taught us to use our own creativity, to bring who we were out and use it to our advantage. Breaking walls, getting over insecurities, and bringing your true self out, that’s the main thing I learned and was taught.” Tana Blum, a former DTS Theatre Track Student says of the program. “God showed me that even something you thought was a flaw He can use for His glory.”

Theatre arts also provide participants with a wide skill set. Teamwork, script development, composition, and design all play into successful communication on stage and are easily translated into other environments.

“I would greatly recommend theatre to anyone and everyone. Everything you learn you can and will most likely take with you through life.” Ms. Blum continued. “I know that as I’ve gone on, I’ve been able to take everything I’ve learned and apply it. As well as take it to my youth group and create skits, have fun, and create ice breakers. Absolutely amazing.”

As an art form, theatre has the ability to go beyond cultural and socioeconomic boundaries. 2,000 years ago, Jesus spoke to His culture through its tradition of oral story telling. In the 21st century, performance, visual and cinematic art are the parables of the age. When we offer our artistic gift in service to God, expressing the truth of what it means to live in a broken world, while placing our hope in whose image we were made, it becomes magnified— a medium of truth, healing, and even intercession.

Ready to make the jump.

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