The Well

Worship – Experiential Learning and Leadership

The Well is a hands on training and practicum program for worship leaders and musicians who would benefit from opportunities to lead in various settings, both in and outside of YWAM. This program is designed to challenge musicians by moving beyond simple worship sets towards a more integrated worship model that places a high emphasis on response to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Each participant will have multiple opportunities to lead on our campus but also in various venues where we will travel to minister. We will be engaging in 24 hour worship times, church ministry, character development, and skill development while improving our own personal capacity to engage with God in a meaningful and deep worship culture. Participants will work alongside experienced leaders in order to glean from one another’s perspectives.

The 12 week program will be a mix of on-site training, mobile ministry, and on-site ministry. This gives us an opportunity to learn, apply what was learned, discuss and evaluate, learn some more, and then go and apply what was learned again! The course is very practical as it will provide tons of experience for every participant.

On-base ministry will include facilitation of daily worship events, daily participation in worship times, and 24 hour “wells,” in order to cultivate a culture of worship here on campus.

Off-base ministry will consist of several 5-6 day trips to other cities in the Northwest where we will partner with a local church by leading worship for their weekend services, lead 12 or 24 hour Worship Well, and dialogue with others engaged in worship ministry.

On-base training will include: Personal discipleship, Ministry evaluation, Biblical perspective of Worship, Musicianship and skill development, Technical development, Music theory, Methods of Worship preparation, Necessity of Silence and solitude, Song-writing, History of Worship and Worship expressions throughout the world.

Additional Information:

One additional cost for the Well is the cost of an iPad (Gen 2 or later).  If you have an iPad already, then you are set!  If not, upon acceptance and payment of fees, we can purchase one for you ($400) or you can get one of your own.

Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to do a DTS first?

Do I have to play an instrument?
It will be imperative that you have at least a knowledge of chords on a  particular instrument or if you are a drummer, that you can play with a band.

What if I can’t sing?
You don’t have to be a vocalist to be in the Well.

Do I need my own gear?
You can bring what you like of your own equipment, but it is not necessary

What if I have an Android tablet?  Can I use that instead of an iPad?
No – you must have an iPad.

Any ideas for where to get a cheap iPad? 

What if I am only a vocalist?
You need to be able to accompany yourself on some instrument in at least a rudimentary way.

Do I have to use a high quality video for the audition?
NO – any recording (even audio only) off any device will do.

What are you looking for in the audition recording?
Timing and tempo are the first things we listen for.  Since you will be playing with a team DAILY, timing and tempo are essential.  If you want to sing primarily, we’re listening for pitch.  Basically, we’re looking for what you could bring to a team that will be playing in large venues.

What size audiences will we be leading worship for?
Smallest:  2 people   Largest:  approx. 5,000 people

How often will we be traveling?
You should expect to be on the road (staying off base) for at least 30 days of the school.

Do we only lead for YWAMers?
NO – one of the purposes of the school is to give students exposure to different audiences and venues.  We will be in churches , houses of prayer, and festival type events.

How much experience do I have to have?
At least a year in some kind of worship ministry will be helpful.

A typical day will include:

Time studying the Word (specifically the book of Psalms)
Music Theory (transposing, charting, time signatures, rhythm, chord families)
At least an hour in Worship
Debriefing every worship time and identifying the themes the Holy Spirit was illuminating and discussing approaches to better facilitate dependency and response to His presence.
Personal practice
Group Rehearsal
Topical teaching
Base/Community Service
Worship Leadership

Weekly activities include:

Personal instruction
Song Writing
Book discussions
Introduction to ProTools or other DAW software
Tech lessons
Hymn Studies
The study and utilization of current worship songs
Large gathering worship times
Preparing for a Live Video recording event (Final School Project)

Themes we’ll be focusing on are:

Following the Leadership of the Holy Spirit
Prophetic and spontaneous worship
Historical Perspective of worship and music in the church
Biblical understanding of worship
Building a Worship ministry
Tools of the trade
Skill development
Character of those in Worship Ministry
Song writing and Production
Audio and stage engineering


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Successful Completion of any YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS)

School Leaders

Kristy Wilke

Kristy is originally from Westminster, CA, and joined YWAM with her husband in 1993. She and her husband Jeff have been married since 1992 and have four kids. Initially, they served on the Anastasis (Mercy Ships), but since being in Montana have been working with the DTS program. Kristy also presently oversees our Worship Arts team (music ministries), and loves being involved in passionate worship times.

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