Discipleship Training School

Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a two-part discipleship course which serves as an introduction to global missions. During the first phase of a Discipleship Training School students will spend three months in the classroom. Throughout this time they will explore foundational discipleship topics, engage in daily worship and prayer, and spend time developing their skills and passions for use on the mission field. During your Lecture Phase you will be surrounded by people who are all running after the same thing, to know God and to make Him known. The Discipleship Training School is built around a community setting. Learning from one another and growing together in community are highly important aspects of any Discipleship Training School.

The second phase of DTS is spent on outreach in a foreign country. You will spend two months overseas in one of our six target nations sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Outreach provides a glimpse of cross-cultural missions as teams serve alongside local believers, existing ministries, and long-term missionaries. On your outreach you and your team will have a chance to practice and apply the skills that you learned during Lecture Phase. The main purpose of every Discipleship Training School outreach is evangelism. You will work and serve in a lot of different ways, but at the end of the day the goal of every outreach is to make God known in all the nations of the earth. So when you choose to do a DTS you are joining the world-wide movement to make Jesus to known in every corner of the globe.

Discipleship Training School is an incredible opportunity to focus on pursuing God and His heart for the nations. If you are ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime, come and join us!


Upcoming Schools

  • Fall 2015

    • Start Date:09/21/15
    • End Date:02/12/16
    • Total Cost:USD 6,500
      Apply By Dates
    • By Applicant Nationality
    • African:03/25/15
    • Canadian:08/22/15
    • International:05/24/15
    • Domestic:09/07/15
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  • Winter 2016

    • Start Date:01/04/16
    • End Date:05/20/16
    • Total Cost:USD 6,500
      Apply By Dates
    • By Applicant Nationality
    • African:07/08/15
    • Canadian:12/05/15
    • International:09/06/15
    • Domestic:12/21/15
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  • Spring 2016

    • Start Date:04/04/16
    • End Date:08/19/16
    • Total Cost:USD 6,500
      Apply By Dates
    • By Applicant Nationality
    • African:10/07/15
    • Canadian:03/05/16
    • International:12/06/15
    • Domestic:03/21/16
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Apply By Dates

The "Apply By Dates" are dates that are generated by your nationality, and our Registrar's estimation of time needed to properly process and acquire all the materials necessary for any student to attend one of our schools. If you have missed the apply by date set for your nationality and are still interested in attending the school, please feel free to email our Registrar's Office at registrar@ywammontana.org to see if applying is still a possibility.

Must be at least 18 years old, or have completed high school.

Weekly Schedule

In lecture phase students spend three months in the classroom exploring foundational discipleship topics, engaging in intercession and daily worship, and devoting time in our focus tracks to develop their skills and passions to be used in a missions context. Lecture phase is spent on our campus here in Montana where you will be surrounded by people who are all running after the same thing, to know God and to make Him known. Lecture phase is a time set apart for you to focus on your personal relationship with God and you are able to do this with a class full of people who are doing the same thing. This is all for the purpose of knowing God, but at the same time transferring the knowledge we've received to make God known in the nations. We spend one week in the middle of lecture phase and travel to a city to have a mini-outreach. This consists of a time resembling our outreach phase and challenges us to take what we know of God and share this great news with others. We've taken mini-outreaches to these cities: Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Missoula, Bozeman, Bellingham, Salem (Location varies school to school). Lecture phase is unlike any time you will have in your entire life. A time fully set apart to spend time with God and learn more about who He is and who you are in Him.

Lectures 12 Hours/Week

12 Hours/Week

Students will learn from a variety of speakers on topics foundational to discipleship and missions. The format of DTS focuses on one subject per week, giving students an overview of discipleship as well as opportunities to apply learned principles to their lives. You will have 2 hours of lecture every day and one 2 hour night lecture every week.

Worship & Intercession 6 Hours/Week

6 Hours/Week

At YWAM Montana, along with YWAM International, we value Worship and Intercession. During the course of lecture phase you will have at least 3 hours of intercessory prayer and 3 hours of corporate worship through a single lecture week.

Small groups/ One-on-ones 4 Hours/Week

4 Hours/Week

During lecture phase you will meet with a small group of the same gender, along with a DTS staff member and discuss the week's topics. You will also be discussing what God has been doing in your life personally and learning more about who God is through open, healthy relationships with others.

Outreach Prep 3 Hours/Week

3 Hours/Week

Although you are in lecture phase, you will still be preparing for your outreach phase. Students and outreach leaders will prepare together as a team for outreach. Preparation includes activities such as learning about the culture and nation, practicing dramas and music, intercession for the nation, and preparing to carry out YWAM's three-fold ministry focus of training, evangelism and mercy ministry in the country or location where they are going. You will be meeting a minimum of 3 hours a week. Additional time may be needed if your team requires further prep for special scenarios.

Focus Tracks 7 Hours/Week

7 Hours/Week

We believe that God has placed skills and passions in your life for a purpose. You will be choosing a focus track during your lecture phase and you will meet a minimum of 7 hours a week to continue training in certain areas and learn how to use those skills and passions for the purpose of making God known in the world.

Track options include (options vary school by school):

Here we value the passion and skill of musicians. In the music track, we spend three months composing, performing and recording original music. We study music theory, vocal techniques, band dynamics and the heart of worship. Students also have the opportunity to perform in the community, work with our base studio, Studio 501 and to grow in worship and leadership.

Creative Media
Have you ever wondered how to combine your creative passion and skills with your passion for God and missions? Find out in the Creative Media track! We will study graphic design, photography, and video shooting and editing. Our experienced staff will spend time instructing and encouraging you in these various areas and you will get the chance to work on group and individual projects all culminating in an exhibition of your work at the DTS "Cafe Night" at the end of lecture phase. You will learn how to co-create with God and also how to use the visual arts in the mission field.

Together we join to worship God through dance and our entire lives. Our track is designed to lead students to see God's glory through the art of dance. We train in Modern, Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary dance technique styles. We also study dance in worship, healthy lifestyles, dance in ministry, effective communication as an artist, and dance composition. Although we will increase our ability in dance, that is not the main focus of the track. We take the time to reflect on the DTS experience and use dance as a way to help process through these things.

Mission Skills
During cross cultural outreaches we are often called upon to have some knowledge in a variety of fields. Mission's Skills helps give understanding to the principles behind bringing transformation to cultures, the difference between relief and development, the right heart in serving people, as well as giving exposure to several different "tools" that can be used in the nations we reach. There is an emphasis on community outreach and local development through projects and practical service as well as weekly skills development. Some of the skills we focus on are: clean water for communities and your team, sanitation, staying healthy on the field, basic First Aid, TESOL (Teaching English to Speaker of Other Languages), basic Construction (concrete, plumbing, framing, electrical, etc…), Hospitality, agriculture, composting, basic vehicle ministry, and others. In our short time we are unable to give thorough coverage to these fields, but the hope is that there would be some skill development and confidence built to be able to serve in some capacity during our outreaches and a desire built to get more training that we are able to provide here at YWAM Montana.

Horseman (Fall DTS)
Come and move cows, break horses and ride in the mountains of beautiful Montana. We believe that God has given you skills and passions for a purpose. In this track you will learn how to apply your passion for riding, training, and basic equine healthcare on the mission field. Learn how you can use your knowledge of horses on outreach as a tool to show God's love to people whose livelihood depend on their livestock.

Sport (Fall/Spring DTS)
Sports and ministry combined make for the sweetest duo. Soccer and Basketball is our primary focus, but we also seek out playing and practicing other sports for your overseas outreach. You will learn how to present devotionals relevant to the sport and culture, coordinate kids athletic camps and improve your coaching technique. In addition you will spend time developing your own skills. Be prepared to have your character challenged and developed.

Adventure (Fall/Spring DTS)
Here in Montana, we are surrounded in endless possibilities of outdoor recreation. In the Adventure track you will get to explore and conquer some of the amazing things God has created. You will learn first aid, camp in Glacier National Park, and see a ton of wildlife. We will also engage in local service projects, break down your shell of comfort, and try new and crazy things that will enable you to face every shock of outreach with ease. All of which are done to seek the creator face to face and advance His kingdom. Come explore with us!

Snowboarding (Winter DTS)
Come and enjoy some of Montana's finest powder! Where reaching out to everyone on the slopes is our main priority. You will have time to shred powder and practice evangelism three times a week. You will also be given the opportunity to take your skills to another level by teaching snowboarding or skiing lessons on the hill. We have the privilege of spending a weekend with Snowboarders For Christ and gleaning from their experience. Check out where we will be riding: blacktailmountain.com, skiwhitefish.com. This track will be an extra $300 to cover travel and ski passes.


Thursday Night Meeting 2 Hours/Week

2 Hours/Week

Every Thursday evening we have a community meeting where all of YWAM Montana's staff and students gather with members from our town to worship God together, as well as hear a short message. It's a time to refocus as a commuity and continue to pursue after the common goal of making God known together.

Work Duties 8 Hours/Week

8 Hours/Week

At YWAM Montana we believe in a servant-hearted attitude and lifestyle. So as a part of the DTS curriculum, you will serve in different areas on our campus for 2 hours a day during the week. You will serve in areas like: Meal prep, Meal clean-up, housekeeping, facilities, maintenance, etc.


Outreach phase of DTS is eight weeks of opening your eyes to the needs of the world and showing them Jesus in response. Every outreach is different, and could look like anything from building a fresh water supply in Cambodia, to playing metal shows in Taipei, to talking about Jesus over smoothies with Thai college students. You'll get to see what it's like to work with long-term missionaries overseas, and come away with compassion and vision of your own. The main purpose of outreach in DTS is evangelism. You will work and serve in a lot of different ways, but at the end of the day the goal of every outreach is to make God known in all the nations of the earth. So as you choose to do a DTS you are joining the world-wide movement to make Jesus to known in every corner of the globe.

As far as location is concerned, we can't tell you that yet! On the first Friday of your DTS, you will have the opportunity to choose your outreach location from the options presented. You and your team will spend time together each week getting to know each other, praying for your trip and making any necessary preparations.

Outreach fees are included in the cost of the school. Visa fees vary by location.

School Leaders


Zac & Hannah Eastwood

Zac Eastwood came on staff in 2006 with his wife and 2 sons. Most of his work over those years has been in DTS as he loves to work with young people and see them grow in their relationship with God and realize the power of the Gospel in their own life. Over the years, he has also been apart of starting new ministries involving prayer & worship, the arts, and further discipleship for staff and students. He loves doing ministry with his family to other countries and has been to Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Jamaica, Peru, Egypt, Turkey, and Kyrgyzstan.

Hannah came to YWAM MT in 2005 to do DTS with her husband Zac and their 2 boys. They came back on staff in 2006 to work with the DTS department. They have done a variety of things since being on staff including working with the arts departments, and leading a prayer and worship ministry for a short time. Hannah is passionate about seeing people encounter the love of God and seeing them transformed as they walk in their God given identity. She longs to see a generation of young people passionate about Jesus released to preach the gospel all over the world. Hannah and Zac currently lead the DTS department and think they have the best job in the world.

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