Auction for the base – June 1985

Up to this point, we had been talking to churches and many people were praying, but there was still no money coming in except for the oil well money. But we continued on in faith! The auction took place in the cafeteria; at least 20 people were there to watch, most of them being YWAMers. Several of them were there just to intercede and we had to keep trusting that God would give us that property. Several parties were involved in the bidding war, and the starting bid of $50,000 was quickly raised to over $400,000 in a matter of minutes. This was disheartening because we already knew we had no money and the price kept increasing! But again, we trusted that God would provide. Every other bidder dropped out until it was us and one other bidder; the bidding stopped at $425,000 and it went to us! This was incredible news, but now we had to continue trusting God that He would provide all of the money. We were only given 30 days to come up with the balance, but in an amazing turn of events, that timeline was extended to a year which gave us enough time to acquire the funds that were needed!

Ready to make the jump.

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The Love Of A Father

At 30,000 feet my head finally felt clear. This was an abnormal feeling for my introverted self. I was surrounded by people, closely squeezed in