A Place To

Train & Grow


At YWAM Montana Lakeside, we understand that to advance in anything, you have to be prepared. And to be prepared, you must be trained and equipped. It results in being more effective, and that means being empowered. It’s all the reasons why we’re intentional in how we train lives so that they’re equipped and prepared to succeed – to not just change their world, but to prepare the way for generations yet to come.

Our Course Types.

2ND Level

Our 2nd Level courses require a successful completed Discipleship Training School. 

3RD Level

3rd Level courses require a completed 2nd Level Course in addition to a Discipleship Training School.


Seminars are shorter courses on a variety of topics which may have certain entry requirements.

Online & Extension

Online & Extension Studies are courses which do not require a completed Discipleship Training School.


Our Summer Program runs during the summer period and does not have any course requirements.

Do you still need to complete a Discipleship Training Course?


Online Biblical Studies

Do you have a desire to study the Bible, but you currently aren’t able to leave what you are doing in order to study? Then join our Online Biblical Studies.


Gain practical skills needed to become a certified language teacher on the mission field.


Music Ministry Institute

Equipping musicians to further God's Kingdom.

School of Worship

Be trained in the knowledge & practice of worship. Gain a deeper understanding of what worship is and how it transforms us as God’s people.

School of Dance Ministries

Use dance as a tool to bring healing through the Gospel to all people and nations.

Biblical STudies.

School of Biblical Studies

A 9-month course which allows to apply the inductive method to study all 66 books of the Bible.

Biblical Core Course Summer of the Bible

Spend the summer with us in God's word and God's creation with the Biblical Core Course. As we explore the heart of God for the world!

Titus Project

A 3-month program designed to equip SBS graduates to become missionary Bible teachers.

Biblical Seminars

These seminars offer SBS graduates the opportunity to examine theological topics and questions raised during the study of the Bible.

Christ Centered Sexuality

This seminar will help address the current cultural issues and brokenness surrounding the topic of human sexuality.

Old Testament Hebrew

Gain depths in Old Testament Studies by learning vocabulary, basic grammar, syntax and how to read and write Biblical Hebrew.

New Testament Greek

This course will enrich your present and future studies of the Bible, providing a deeper understanding of the New Testament.

Community Transformation & Arts.

DTS Equip

Equip is an intensely effective 6-week leadership development course to see DTS leaders be equipped in character, skills, and Spirit.

Engage With Bible Translation

Discover what translation practically looks like and how you can participate in bringing the Gospel to every tribe and tongue.

School of Missions & Evangelism

Your next step into missions. Come and grow in your evangelism skills and be equipped to bring the love of Jesus to the nations.

Outdoor & Sports.

Endurance DTS

Get equipped with the tools to reach out to others, particularly within the outdoor industry.

Outdoor Ministry Program

Develop your technical skills and use outdoor adventures to lead people to Jesus.

Summer Of Sports

Train with experienced athletes and learn how to use a variety of team sports as a tool to share the gospel.

Endurance Summer Of Adventure

Grow in your outdoor proficiencies and adventure with the purpose of sharing the gospel within the outdoor industry.

Because the World Waits.

Are you considering long-term missions? Do you want to make a lasting impact and be better equipped for the mission field? At YWAM Montana-Lakeside, we understand that to advance in anything, you have to be prepared. We want to prepare lives that are serious about making a lasting impact in the world for Him. Most YWAM schools last 3 to 9 months and can be combined into degree programs through YWAM’s University of the Nations. For many YWAM students, the intensive learning combined with community living makes for a transformational experience! At YWAM Montana-Lakeside, we offer schools and programs in the areas of; Biblical Studies, Outdoor Ministries, The Arts and Community Transformation. Discover all that we have to offer and continue your education in YWAM.