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Lakeside Debriefing Ministry

On the Road to Emmaus.

Jesus came alongside two disciples on the morning of his resurrection. He asked them what they were discussing. They shared their stories and Jesus listened and gave perspective. They, in turn, invited him in and experienced a change of heart. Debriefing is having someone come along side as Jesus did – to listen, ask questions, and gain biblical perspective. The hope, in the end, is that there will be a new perspective, a change of heart and a new passion.

Inquiry & Application

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Debriefing is a time set aside for you to purposefully share your story and intentionally process a certain timeframe (of your choosing). Many people come having gone through a lot of transition, grief, and injustice at varying levels. The goal is that by the end of the week people will receive perspective on their circumstances, hear from God, find healing, forgiveness, and freedom so they can move forward.

If you are wondering whether debriefing would be helpful for you personally, continue reading for a few details of what to expect, the structure of the week, who we debrief, and why we believe it is beneficial. You can also check out some testimonials of people who’ve gone through Lakeside Debriefing Ministry and hear about their experience. If you are interested in being debriefed, please fill out an application online. When it is complete, we will be in touch with you as soon as we can. If you don’t hear from us, please email us at debriefing@ywammontana.org.

What can you expect?

  • To process your journey with the debriefers and through your own personal time of reflection.
  • To have a debriefing structure that will be specific and sensitive to your own emotional, physical and spiritual needs.
  • To have a greater understanding of how you relate to yourself, others and God.
  • To have trained debriefers with experience and skills in debriefing, spiritual direction, and pastoral care.
  • To have everything you share remains confidential.
  • Debriefing is not counseling. It is a time to process with God and two debriefers.

Why debrief?

  • It helps to make sense of things that happen in life.
  • It provides a neutral space to verbalize feelings and thoughts.
  • It can bring closure and celebration to things in the past.
  • It affirms the individual and what they have been going through by being listened to.
  • It gives direction and more positive movement into the future.
  • It allows God to bring healing into areas of pain, loss and disappointment.
  • It sets time aside to be with God and get His perspective on past experiences.

Who is debriefing for?

  • Those that are going through a lot of change.
  • Those that are have gone through a crisis.
  • Those who have gone through injustice.
  • Those who have gone through loss.
  • Those who are stuck.

Structure of the week.

  • Arrival will be on Sunday afternoon or evening of the week of the debrief.
  • Monday through Friday mornings will be spent with your two debriefers.
  • Each afternoon and evening is time given for personal “Out of Session Work”.
  • The debrief will be finished by Friday early afternoon. Departure can be arranged for Friday after 2pm or on Saturday.

If you desire.

“If you desire to grow in your understanding of God, yourself and others; If you desire to process experiences that have shaped your life up to this point; If you desire to set aside time in your busy life to see how the full work of the cross can bring healing, understanding and personal revelation … then debriefing is for you.”

Meet The Debriefing Members.

A Brief History of here in Lakeside.

Debriefing began at YWAM Montana in 2009 under the leadership of Andy and Janet Kerr. They trained up many of our staff who are now debriefing here at Lakeside, Montana. Andy and Janet left in 2015 to start their own debriefing ministry. YWAM Lakeside Debriefing Ministry continues to serve missionaries in many different organizations, pastors and a variety of laypeople who are looking for a place of safety and confidentiality to process their life experience.