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Have you ever wondered what our campus looks like? Now you can take virtual tour built with Google Maps Street View. The tour covers the majority of our campus and you can even take a look inside many of our buildings. Explore our library, classrooms, Cafeteria, Student Center and more! The virtual campus tour includes nearly fifty 360º panoramas of locations around our campus. We add new locations regularly so be sure to check back soon. Are we missing anything that you really want to see? Let us know by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

How To Use The Tour

Use the arrows to jump between nearby locations. You can click and drag in any direction to get a full 360º view of each area. Looking for something in particular? Use the list below to jump to a specific location. Feel free to explore and move from location to location. The tour covers the majority of our campus and there are a several hidden surprises if you know where to look!

Lecture Hall

The Lecture Hall serves a wide variety of purposes. It hosts our weekly worship times, Thursday Night Meetings, events, and all of our DTS lectures.

Dorm Room

Our campus is home to three dormitories. Dorm 1 is the Staff Dorm where many of our single and young married staff live. Dorm 2 is home to our SBS students, hospitality rooms, and students with families. Dorm 3 covers everyone else, including our DTS students. Click the “virtual tour” button below for a look at a standard room in Dorm 3.

SBS Classroom

The School of Biblical Studies classroom is located in the old boiler room. In 2005 the boilers were removed and the building was renovated. Our SBS students spend a lot of time within these four walls studying, learning, and spending time together.

The Office

The office is home to our Accounting Department, Mail Room, Registrar, Student Services, and a number of other departments. If you have a question about anything, chances are someone in this building will be able to help you out!


Each quarter our small gym hosts intramural sports leagues, dodgeball tournaments, and pickup games.  The gym also hosts Zumba, dance lessons, and a variety of other activities.

Snack Bar

From awesome lattes to tasty muffins, our snack bar offers great food and fellowship, it is centrally located on campus and open 6 days a week! The Snack Bar is stocked with YWAM Montana Lakeside Tshirts, Mugs, Postcards, and more.


Meals are provided in our cafeteria three times a day. We serve one choice per meal and there is a Salad Bar available at both lunch and dinner.


Our library holds many books available for check-out, as well as reference-only items. The library also provides a quiet place to study and work.

The Water Tower

Unless you’re a member of our facilities team you’ll probably never get to climb the water tower. Thanks to our virtual campus tour you can now check out the bird’s eye view of our campus with the click of a button. Click the “virtual tour” button below to check out the view from the top of the water tower without ever leaving your seat.

Weight Room

Our weight room is outfitted with weight lifting equipment, treadmills, a bike, and more. The weight room is open 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. It’s located in the Student Center next to the gymnasium.

Bayshore Hospitality Room

Our Bayshore hospitality rooms are open to speakers, visiting family, and other guests. There is limited availability on these rooms so be sure to contact our hospitality department early to book your room. We also have a few smaller, dorm-style rooms available.

Studio 501

Completed in 2014, Studio 501 is a fully operational professional recording studio right here on campus. The studio hosts our Audio Production Course. Featuring three custom-designed tracking rooms, a beautiful control room, a lounge, and a bathroom Studio 501 has everything you’d expect from a state of the art recording studio.

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