Canada Update

The Apprenticeship program took a trip to the YWAM base in Turner Valley, Canada to help show their facilities staff how to make an estimate.  The base wanted to re-side the main building and potentially try to get another building.  Our focus was to help them get an estimate on cost for each project while teaching/showing their facilities director how best to get this work done so that he could do it in the future.  It was awesome to see the apprentices learning how to put estimates together and then explain to Turner Valley’s facilities director how it was to be done and the important steps in the process.  We went to another site where an old building was up on beams, which Turner Valley was pondering trying to move onto their site.  We were able to help them field measure the building in order to determine how to figure the future construction if they got the building. It was a great experience for both the apprentices and Turner Valley.

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Worship Is The Mission – Part 3

Historically, we tend to emphasize one extreme or the other in the church. Occasionally, however, the two extremes, as if they represent the swing a

Pain in Ministry

Note: nothing in this post is meant to be used as an excuse for us to avoid dealing with our pain; it is meant as an encouragement