Christ-Centered Sexuality


Course Description.

This six week intensive Biblical Seminar at YWAM Montana will educate and train missionaries in the Biblical and theological frameworks helping one address the current cultural issues and brokenness surrounding the topic of human sexuality. By equipping an individual with the Scriptural and theological boundaries of what is and isn’t God-honoring sexuality, one will graduate with the ability to move forward in navigating their own sexuality as well as minister to sexually broken people inside and outside the Body of Christ.


Throughout the course of the seminar we will focus on various yet key aspects of the Character and nature of God, His Word and how they are meant to inform and guide the Christian life regarding our human sexuality. We will also engage in the current cultural issues surrounding human sexuality in order to grow in our understanding of sexual brokenness so that one can move forward navigating their own personal life as well as engage in healthy pastoral care of other people. Alongside lectures each week, participants of the program will have required reading and writing assignments. These assignments are meant to cover material which cannot be covered in class (reading) as well as provide a time for processing the material (writing).


It is the goal of this program for an individual to grow in their understanding of the Christian perspective on human sexuality in order to help them navigate and engage this topic. This will involve learning how to stand firm on the Truth of God’s Word, His desires for human sexuality while simultaneously walking in grace, kindness and humility.

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Setting the Table.

Biblical Seminar students gather weekly to process and discuss the theological topics they are learning throughout the different courses offered.