Gearing up for Endurance Discipleship Training School 2014

Preparing for an upcoming Endurance DTS is a lot like preparing for a mountain expedition. There is gear to purchase, logistics to plan, networking and support systems to build, permits to apply for, speakers and support staff to be invited and trained, and, most importantly, student participants to be recruited and accepted for the next EDTS adventure that begins five months from now (not to mention the shedding of those extra holiday pounds)!

Jonathan, Ladina and Tim on a post-EDTS hike on the Island Unit of the Swan
While the EDTS staff team enjoys the winter weather here in Montana, we’re also constantly focussed on the things to come this summer. Have you ever wondered what the EDTS crew does in the off-season to stay sharp and involved in missions, discipleship and the outdoor industry? Well, the answer is that the crew is up to a lot this winter in preparation for what’s to come.

Nathan and Betsy in GNP!
On any given day, you’ll find the team involved in continuing education for EMT and medical certifications, leading the ski/snowboard track for the WDTS, staffing the WDTS, training for the next marathon or nordic ski race, hunting or fishing, training with search and rescue, running youth outdoor camps and finding those sweet gear deals to continue to build up their gear stash. Foremost, however, our EDTS staff team is committed to allowing Christ to be Lord of their lives, walking with Him and proclaiming the kingdom of God as we serve the YWAM Montana community, reach out to the outdoor industry and go to the nations.

We can say with confidence that this summer will once again be full of adventure and challenging growth opportunities for staff and students alike. As of this post, three of our five off-base trips have been planned. We’ve invited all of our speakers. We’re working on the design and fabrication of a custom EDTS trailer that will help us create both ministry opportunities and a mobile classroom for integration of outdoor industry standards in education. But as I mentioned above, the most important thing we’re doing in this off-season focusses on the students that have been, and will be accepted, into EDTS.

We accepted a few students this fall and there are a few applications in progress in this new year. Our prayer is to continue to grow the program and so we’re anticipating to have a school of 15 men and women this summer. Would you please pray for this goal to be realized? Additionally, please partner with us in praying for the following:
Student/staff visas to be granted
Finalization of backcountry permits
Outreach opportunities and locations
Safety and health
Lives changed – students, staff and those we minister to

Do you know anyone who might be interested in participating in EDTS? Please send them our way. We would be happy to answer anyone’s questions. The best way to learn more about EDTS and get connected is to visit

EDTS 2014 is upon us!

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