How God Spoke to Me Through a Lost Earring

I rarely wear earrings. But when I do, I often forget to take them off. Today, I glanced in the mirror and noticed that one of my fake pearl earrings was missing from my ear. These earrings were not anything fancy, but they were one of three pairs that I actually wear. Thus started the frantic search for my earring.

The tiny, white pearl was going to be almost impossible to see against the white carpet. As I searched high and low, I found nothing. I crawled around the ground feeling left and right, but still I found nothing. I retraced my steps back and forth, but still I found nothing. Eventually, I was able to find the back of the earring and hope was restored!

The search continued.

High and low. Nothing.

Left and right. Nothing.

Back and forth. Nothing.

As I was about to give up, I felt God ask me to pause and listen to Him. So, I sat down in the middle of my bathroom floor and asked God to speak.

…I was overcome by the need to drop everything and seek after Jesus wholeheartedly.

He called me to remember the Parable of the Lost Coin from Luke 15. The woman in this story, is searching for her lost coin and in time, she finds it. Jesus used this parable to explain to his disciples that those who seek after Him, will find Him when they search intently. Right there, in the middle of my bathroom floor, I was overcome by the need to drop everything and seek after Jesus wholeheartedly.

Some questions started to come to mind. Have I ever sought after Jesus as intently as I was searching after that lost pearl earring? What would my life look like if I searched after Jesus with that intensity? How could I live in a way where I am constantly looking for His presence high and low, left and right, back and forth? How could I pursue searching for His Spirit in both the small things and the big things?

 God is always waiting to be found by those who will turn and seek after Him!

That is the type of life I want! I want to be actively searching after God and after His presence. I want to be on my knees in worship and surrender. I want to seek after Him when I am driving to work just like I do in worship. His Spirit is always there. It is not confined to a building or a worship time or a specific person. God is always waiting to be found by those who will turn and seek after Him!

I would like to say that after this great encounter with God, He showed me exactly where my lost earring was but He did not. There is still an empty spot in my jewelry box and I have given up hope finding this tiny earring (especially after I vacuumed my floor). Though earring-less, I was left overcome by the wonder of God. He cares enough to break into the mundane things in my life and speak clearly. Even when I am not searching after Him wholeheartedly, He searches after me! Even when I search after other things, He calls my heart back to Him!


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