Music Ministry Institute


Music Ministry Institute.

The Music Ministry Institute, at Youth With A Mission Lakeside Montana, is a secondary level school which provides focused training and equipping for musicians who are either in full-time music ministry or want to go into full-time music ministry. The 6 month school combines industry standard training, both in musical development and technical experience, with a solid biblical foundation focused on the arts. 5 months of training at our campus in Lakeside, and 1 month of outreach overseas.

Our current music industry is one that boldly seeks to redefine your very identity through provocation or inspiration. Their message is very clear: “No one else can define you. Only you are qualified to define yourself”. This school is about revealing God’s definitions to a world that is desperate for value and identity, through you as an artist. There is a need for christian musicians to do more than just blend-in with the scene. God has gifted you with a tremendous ability to communicate straight to the hearts of people and He has called you to His purposes. We want to help you discover what His calling is for you and equip you for that calling. Hand in hand with a strong spiritual foundation, we also take a very practical approach to equipping you. Whether serving in the church, working in the studio as a session musician, or a life of touring or even gigging in your local scene, the entertainment sphere’s technical demands on today’s musicians are significant. Having a solid understanding of the various aspects of production (sound, lighting, projection, recording, videography) is critical for the modern musician.


  • Music Theory (incl. Nashville Nr. System)
  • Music History
  • Practice & Rehearsals (both group & solo)
  • Evaluations
  • Recitals
  • Gear development
  • Band Dynamics
  • Booking & Promotion


  • Live Audio Systems
  • Dante Certification
  • Intro to live control software (Ableton, OnSong, Multitracks, Playback, etc)
  • Stage Management
  • Recording and Studio work (ProTools, etc)
  • Stage Lighting and Design
  • Video graphics and content
  • Camera IMAG systems


  • Biblical Identity
  • Art in Theology
  • Inductive Bible Study Method (SBS)
  • Biblical Sexuality
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Worship
  • Biblical Worldview
  • Arts & Technology
  • Missions & Evangelism

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