New Testament Greek


Course Description.

This is a twelve week course which consists of learning New Testament Greek. The student will begin with vocabulary and then move on to grammar; after that the student will focus on translating various passages or books of the New Testament. This course will enrich your present and future studies of the Bible, providing a deeper understanding of the New Testament. It will especially benefit Bible teachers and those who are in need of more credits for a degree.

*When applying, please fill out the ‘SBS International (On-Site Instruction)’ application and choose ‘New Testament Greek’. 


The twelve-week course includes: Vocabulary, Testing Greek Words and Their Translation, 5 Weeks of Grammar Study, 6 Weeks of New Testament Translation. Students will begin with vocabulary (having memorized 1000 words, Mounce Basics of Biblical Greek Vocabulary Cards, which the student will be tested on by the end of the first week) and then move on to grammar.

Required Text.

Required Text:
Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek, Metzger, published by Abingdon, New Testament Greek for Beginners, Machen, published by Prentice-Hall
The Greek New Testament

Recommended Helps: (These books are not absolutely necessary but may help you in study) The Analytical Lexicon to the Greek New Testament, Mounce, published by Zondervan, A Reader’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament, Kubo, published by Zondervan, Greek-English Interlinear of the New Testament, Marshall, published by Zondervan, NIV Bible


New Testament Greek aims to go beyond the Biblical introduction you receive in SBS. This seminar will build on your understanding of Scriptural content and build a framework for the overall story of the Bible. Learning the original language of the New Testament will lead you to more accuracy when studying and teaching the Word!

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