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Why study Old Testament Hebrew?  Martin Luther asked, “Do you inquire what use there is in learning the languages?  Do you say, ‘We can read the Bible very well in German [Luther’s own native language and the Bible he translated!].’”  He answered, “In the former times the fathers were frequently mistaken, because they were ignorant of the languages and in our days there are some who…do not think the languages of any use; but although their doctrine is good, they have often erred in the real meaning of the sacred text; they are without arms against error, and I fear that their faith will not remain pure.” Have you ever been studying an Old Testament passage and consulted three or four English versions only to find that the word you were studying had three or four different English translations? Did you then wonder what the “correct” or “most accurate” translation should be? Did you end up frustrated? If so, then Old Testament Hebrew is a course you will want to take!

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Old Testament Hebrew will help you become familiar with the basic forms of Hebrew words, including parts of speech, word inflection and syntax of verbs, nouns, adjectives, conjunctions, prepositions and numbers. You will also acquire the skills necessary to correctly analyze and define large portions of frequently occurring vocabulary words and verbal forms used in the Hebrew Bible. In addition, you will acquire the ability to translate portions of the Hebrew Bible, insightfully do word studies and to engage with commentaries and other theological works that deal with the Hebrew text.


Old Testament Hebrew aims to go beyond the Biblical introduction you receive in SBS. This seminar will build on your understanding of Scriptural content and build a framework for the overall story of the Bible. Learning the original language of the Old Testament will lead you to more accuracy when studying and teaching the Word!

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