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Do you have a desire to study the Bible, but you currently aren’t able to leave what you are doing in order to study?  Then perhaps the Online School of Biblical Studies or the Online Biblical Core Course/Chronological Biblical Core Course would fit into your life.  

If you are able to set aside 12-15 hours a week, you can complete a University of the Nations, YWAM accredited Online Bible Course. The Online School of Biblical Studies covers the entire Bible in 18 Modules which can take up to 2.5 years to complete. The Online Chronological  Biblical Core Course (CBCC) and the Online Biblical Core Course (BCC) take you through an in depth study of all of the genre’s of the bible, and you will also read every book of the Bible as well, in a 9 month time frame.  

These Online Courses are designed for all believers, YWAMer’s and non-YWAMer’s, in all of the spheres of society.


The Online SBS is designed to make the School of Biblical Studies available to those from all walks of life. If you have a hunger for God’s Word and want to engage with it at a deeper level consider the online SBS.

Each module of the Online SBS is accredited with Youth With A Mission’s University of the Nations Extension Studies programme and on completion the student will receive the appropriate credit for the module.

All of the study is at your own location. Staff and your student cohort are connected via email, chat and video conferencing.

The Online SBS is designed to integrate into your life, work and ministry situation. It takes time and effort but the learning outcomes are very rewarding and designed to assist you in living an enriched Christian life.


The three-month Chronological Biblical Core Course (CBCC) or the Biblical Core Course (BCC) is now available in an Online format to enable YWAM staff and those from other walks of life to take the course part-time while continuing with their base/team/life ministries and responsibilities.

The Online CBCC/BCC is a dynamic way for individuals to participate in a fully accredited University of the Nations CBCC/BCC that can be studied part-time at a base or team location.

Each month of the residential school is extended to a three-month module requiring 12-15 hours per week of study. There is a set start time and finish time for each module with a module leader who will not only be a tutor and support throughout the module but will also create community with the other students who are taking the course.

This course is designed to give students a thorough understanding of the Inductive Bible Study approach by learning how to employ various methods for reading, interpreting, and applying the Scriptures. Students have opportunities to be involved in topical seminars and various forms of historical, archaeological, literary, and geographical research.

During the course, students read through the whole Bible and study many individual books from both the Old and New Testaments in-depth. This study will also provide opportunity to interact with each of the main literary genres of Scripture.

The Online CBCC/BCC is not a “cheap and easy” way to take the BCC, it is not “BCC lite”. With the Online CBCC/BCC you will be receiving the same depth of teaching input our residential students receive, and the standard of work anticipated is the same.

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As followers of Jesus, we believe in the importance of knowing and understanding the Word of God on a deeper level, and that every individual should have that opportunity to learn how to study, discover, and apply the truths of God’s Word to their own lives.