The First SBS & SOW – 1991

Pete and Fran Sifuentes started the first SOW here at YWAM Montana-Lakeside. Along with SOW, we had our very first SBS. Ted Darnell was the first SBS director for YWAM Montana-Lakeside; he had originally come to speak in the DTS and was then invited to bring SBS to the base and become the SBS director. Ted had no staff at that point, but God was already working on that! God spoke to Ron and Judy Smith to come be a part of the SBS, and after amazing confirmation they came to Montana and have been here ever since! For them, it was the greatest move they ever made! SBS and SOW prospered because of the heart of the leadership; they made a space for these schools, recognizing the importance of running programs like this and how it would impact the base as well as the future students who would take part in it. And ever since then, the base has never been the same!

Ready to make the jump.

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The Importance of Sound Doctrine

Titus 2:1 “But as for you teach what accords with sound doctrine.” What is “sound doctrine”? Why did Paul stress the importance of teaching and

London 2012 Project Dance

In July of 2012 the School of Dance Studies was in London, England for a six week mission trip that used dance as a form

God’s Perfect Peace

God’s perfect use of timing and testimonies is something I’ll never be able to comprehend, and I’m alright with that. Prior to my DTS lecture