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Course Description.

The heart of the School of Dance Ministries (SDM) is to use dance as a tool to bring healing and the Gospel to all types of people in all places, while helping students learn, experience and explore how dance can be used in ministry.

This course is designed for dancers who are eager and passionate about communicating the gospel through dance in all types of ministry settings. During the school, dancers will spend time training, preparing, and pursuing God’s heart both in the classroom and the studio. Classroom topics could include Identity, Dance Therapy, Ministry Planning, and Discipling the Dancer. In the studio, dancers will get a chance to train in various styles including modern, jazz and ballet, while also learning about topics such as pedagogy, composition and anatomy.

Our goal is to have students learn how to use dance as a means to bring the hope and healing power of God’s redeeming love to a world longing for Him.

SDM is 5-6 months long – 12 weeks of lecture phase in Montana and 8-12 weeks of outreach.


During the lecture phase, we study in many different areas which we feel are valuable to the integration of dance and ministry—whether you’re looking to enter missions, the dance industry, or simply love dance and desire a more well-rounded view of the art God’s gifted to you.

Our staff and teachers instruct from a foundation of truth and excellence. Our core classes within lecture phase include Dance Technique, Dance Composition, and Anatomy. We also offer a brief look at multiple other topics. Please note that you will not only be required to dance approximately 2-7 hours each day, but will also need to be prepared to sit in lectures, take notes, and read informational texts.


During the outreach phase,  you will spend 8-12 weeks putting what you have learned into practice overseas in one of our six target nations. Performing, teaching dance workshops, and serving in practical ways are all a part of our dance outreaches. Coffee shops, orphanages, city streets, schools, churches, and hospitals are a few of the venues where we often minister. Each outreach concludes with a week-long debriefing time which focuses on helping you process through the entire school.


The School of Dance Ministries provides intense dance training and gives space for dancers to grow deeper in their unique calling.  This course brings head knowledge together with skill through the heart of the artist – in order to effectively train up skilled dancers who will share the love of Jesus on and off stage!

We know that an artist’s creativity and spiritual authority go together, and we are committed to giving dancers a place to walk fully in who God has called them to be as dancers.  

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Be Inspired by Dance.

Stephen Scarbrough works with the School of Biblical Studies but also has a passion for the arts. He performed this dance along with a spoken word at our YWAM Montana community meeting on the theme of masculinity. It is incredible the power that comes with dance.


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