School of Worship


Course Description.

The School of Worship (SOW) is a five-month course that includes a three-month lecture phase and a two-month outreach (optional).

SOW takes students deeper into a life of integrity, passion, and Bible study through worship. We strive to open up our students’ eyes to the opportunity we have as believers to worship our Savior “in spirit and truth.” We desire to develop our students in “heart, mind & hands” by giving them the necessary tools to develop both the physical and spiritual aspects of worship.

The SOW Trains, Equips and Develops those who are involved in the worship ministry to be effective in their area of influence. The school provides hands-on training to worship leaders, in which we develop the worship leader’s understanding of how to lead a band through skillful musicianship, lead the congregation into worship and lead by example in integrity and character.

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  • Worship Leading
  • Personal Skill Development Times
  • Band Practice & Development times
  • Recording
  • Songwriting
  • Band Dynamics
  • Creative Expressions


  • Character of the Worshiper
  • Worship and Intercession
  • The Roll of Worship in the Spiritual Warfare
  • Work of the Holy Spirit in Worship
  • Knowing God in Worship
  • Worship & Missions


  • What is Worship?
  • Biblical & Historical Basis of Worship
  • The Psalms (Inductive Bible Study Method)
  • History of Worship in the church

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Share the gospel through worship.

At YWAM Montana-Lakeside, we are all about doing whatever it takes to know God and to make Him known, together! We’d love to help you make that next step in your global missions education. Apply now!

Live Worship.

Be inspired by our very own musicians at YWAM Montana as they lead worship with the song, “Like Never Before.”


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