Summer of Ending Bible Poverty


Course Description.

End Bible Poverty Now is a movement to see a Bible in every heart language made available to every individual on earth. We believe that this generation will see Scripture in every single language on earth and we want to invite you to be a part of this. During this program you will discover how the Bible is transforming nations and learn how you can participate in bringing a Bible to the Bibleless.


The three weeks of classroom training for this program will be split into two phases. In the mornings all of the Summer Programs will meet together to learn about different topics such as ‘Character and Nature of God,’ ‘Life with Jesus,’ and ‘Evangelism.’

In the afternoons, Summer of Ending Bible Poverty students will hone in on training for how to bring the Bible to the Bibleless. Topics during this time include ‘How to study the Bible,’ ‘Oral Bible Translation,’ and ‘Technology for Bible Distribution.’


The second half of the program will be spent overseas sharing the Gospel cross-culturally and helping bring Bibles to people who have never had them before. We will partner with and serve ministries who are engaging with Ending Bible Poverty in the nations.


Our vision is to equip you for a lifetime of following Jesus. We want you to engage with God’s word as a foundation for your life and to be equipped to share His Word with those around you. We want to open doors of opportunity for you to follow Jesus in ways that maybe you never thought were possible before starting this program.

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Bible Elective

The Bible Elective is for anyone wanting to deepen their relationship with God and their understanding of His Word. Whether you already have a love for the Bible and want to know more, or if you are seeking to understand it for the very first time, we couldn’t be more excited to have you with us!

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