Summer of Music

The Summer of Music (SOM) a ministry outreach training program, geared towards the musician’s relationship with God and using music in ministry. The YWAM Montana Lakeside Summer of Music trains musicians technically as well as spiritually and then releases them to use their gifts in a foreign nation on outreach. The heart of the SOM is to know God and make Him known. Topics during the lecture phase include ‘Foundations of the Christian Faith’, ‘The Character and Nature of God’, ‘Worship and Intercession’, ‘Relationships’, ‘Evangelism’, ‘Creativity’ and many more. During the lecture phase students rehearse together in bands preparing to use music as the main tool of ministry during the outreach portion of the program.

The lecture phase is followed by an overseas outreach where you will get to use your gifts on the mission field. The outreach time will take the students cross-culturally, enabling them to utilize their gifts and skills in sharing the Gospel. Ministry includes a variety of settings, from churches, camps, and schools to bars, clubs and street corners, from using music in performance to serving others in practical ways. Each outreach concludes with a debriefing time designed to help students process through their entire experience.

The Summer of Music’s goal is to see young people discipled and sent out to evangelize in the nations of the world. Music can be used to bring together people from every background and nationality. The Summer of Music seeks to use music as a door into the lives of people who may have never heard the good news of Jesus. In the SOM you will be equipped to evangelize and disciple the nations while using the talent and passion that God has given you for music. By learning how to share biblical principles through music and improving your technical skills, you will find that you are able to meet people right where they are.  Music can provide an open door to the hearts of people who might otherwise be closed off to hearing the Good news of Christ.



Upcoming Schools

  • Summer 2017

    • Start Date:06/19/17
    • End Date:08/09/17
    • Total Cost:USD 3,500
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    • By Applicant Nationality
    • African:12/21/16
    • Canadian:05/20/17
    • International:02/19/17
    • Domestic:06/05/17
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  • More Dates
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Apply By Dates

The "Apply By Dates" are dates that are generated by your nationality, and our Registrar's estimation of time needed to properly process and acquire all the materials necessary for any student to attend one of our schools. If you have missed the apply by date set for your nationality and are still interested in attending the school, please feel free to email our Registrar's Office at to see if applying is still a possibility.



Weekly Schedule

SOM begins with a few beautiful summer weeks of training here in Lakeside. During the lecture phase students can expect solid teaching on aspects of the Christian faith and relationship with God. Mornings are devoted to worship and lecture, covering matters such as: Sound 101, Mic and Instrument Technique, Band Dynamics and Song Writing. Afternoons are packed with rehearsals, building relationships and preparing bands for the outreach portion of SOM.

Lecture 18 Hours/Week

18 Hours/Week

Teaching on aspects of the Christian's relationship with God.

Corporate Worship and Prayer 4 Hours/Week

4 Hours/Week

We will take time each week to join together as a group to worship God, declare the goodness of His character, and pray for other people and places.

Small Groups 3 Hours/Week

3 Hours/Week

Processing together as program leaders and students in smaller groups.


Band Rehearsal 15 Hours/Week

15 Hours/Week

Rehearsing songs together as a band that will be used on outreach.

Work Duties 6 Hours/Week

6 Hours/Week

At YWAM Montana we believe in a servant-hearted attitude and lifestyle. So as a part of the school curriculum, you will serve in different areas on our campus  during the week. You will serve in areas like: Meal prep, Meal clean-up, housekeeping, facilities, maintenance, etc.

Additional Weekly Group Activities 4 Hours/Week

4 Hours/Week

Additional activities throughout the time may include hiking in Glacier National Park, bonfires, barbecues, swimming in Flathead Lake, Tubing down the Swan River and other fun adventures.

One-on-Ones 1 Hours/Week

1 Hours/Week

Program leaders meet with students one-on-one once a week for further processing and discipleship.


At the end of lecture phase, bands pack up their equipment and head overseas for outreach. Musicians are given the opportunity to share their faith through music and practical service with local churches and ministries. Bands will return to Lakeside for a time of debriefing.

School Leaders

Matthew Praetzel

Matthew Praetzel is from the small town of Lakeside, Montana. He grew up on the YWAM Base with his parents and two older brothers. Matthew did summer programs in 2012, and then the next year went to do Awaken DTS in Kona, Hawaii in July of 2013. He came home and did a program called DTS Equip, and then immediately started working with Summer Programs. After co-leading the Summer Programs and taking a team to Cambodia in the summer of 2014, Matthew joined YWAM Montana as a full time missionary member in the Sports Department.

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