Theology of Paul Seminar

Why study the writings and theology of the apostle Paul?

The subject of the theology of the apostle Paul is far too vast to examine exhaustively in one semester. Thus this course is designed to analyze and interpret the “building blocks,” i.e., the major themes and topics that form the foundation of the Apostle Paul’s theology. The goal of better understanding the theology of Paul is that the student will be better equipped to teach from the Pauline corpus so that the Body of Christ (a Pauline term!) might be built up.  This seminar is intended for SBS graduates and staff, or anyone interested to teach from the letters of the apostle Paul.

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  • Fall 2015

    • Start Date:11/02/15
    • End Date:12/11/15
    • Total Cost:USD 1,090
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Mark Masucci

Mark has been with YWAM since 1985. He completed the SBS in 1987. He has served with F.E.E.T. Ministry in Hong Kong from 1987-1991. He served as the Director of the SBS Department in Lakeside, MT from 1994-2004. He has a Masters of Christian Studies degree from Regent College in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

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