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Course Description.

Titus Project was born out of a vision to bring understanding of God’s word to the Church around the world that is in great need, great hunger, and has limited opportunity to receive proper Bible training otherwise. To accomplish this, we develop School of Biblical Studies graduates to teach the skills they have acquired and then mobilize the SBS graduates on a two-month outreach to equip the pastors and church leaders in Biblical Literacy.


The first three weeks are spent training here in Montana. During the training phase, participants learn how to prepare, present and illustrate Bible teachings. Each participant will teach four times during lecture phase and be evaluated on their strengths and weaknesses. All practice teachings are first modeled by the staff. Book discussions, prayer, worship, intercession and outreach prep are also a part of the lecture phase.


The next eight weeks are spent on outreach in small teams focused on reaching the church in remote locations. The goal of outreach is to equip local pastors with the tools of Inductive Bible Study, Bible overview, Historical and Geographical Bible Overview, and Effective Communication skills.

We aim for each participant to train pastors between 6-12 hours each week during their overseas experience. On outreach, team-mates will also evaluate each other for continued growth. Upon completion of the outreach phase, participants return to Montana for a week of celebration and debriefing.


The global church is suffering from Biblical malnutrition. Despite Christianity’s explosive growth the church in the developing world lacks trained, Biblically educated leaders. To date, there is one formally trained church leader for every 450,000 people outside of the U.S. Some even say that 85% of Pastors worldwide have had no formal training whatsoever. That means that most of the 77,000 unbelievers coming to Christ daily are left with a shortage of qualified leaders to disciple them. Our purpose is to meet this need by training and sending Bible teachers to disciple a new generation of believers who are deeper grounded in Biblical truth.

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Our goal is to equip the church world wide with tools for studying the Bible for themselves. We target places with limited access to Bible teaching. Our goal is that our program participants will become life-long Bible teachers and continue to equip the church wherever they go, whether back home, or into long-term missions.

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