Vacation With A Purpose


Vacation With A Purpose.

VWAP started in the summer of 2001 because many of our campus volunteers saw the need to expose young people and their families, together, to missions centered work. We noticed that many kids go on missions trips without their parents and vice versa.  Then when they come home and try to explain their experience, it doesn’t always connect. However, if a family can go together, experience missions and missions work together, then the whole family has something that they can reflect back on. During that time we also began to see a need that the campus had in completing construction projects and making the base livable and presentable. So with that, VWAP was born. In 2001 our first team from Stanwood, Washington came for one week and not only repainted our campus houses but also resided them and put in all new windows. VWAP has grown from that point into something we had only dreamed it would. With God, truly anything is possible. VWAP is now a program that not only keeps our campus functioning and presentable, but whole families can come, be introduced to missions in a very low cost way, and leave knowing they have made an impact in the Kingdom of God and the lives of our missionaries.

Our VWAP family consider it a tremendous blessing that you would volunteer a week out of your summer to join us to help improve our facility for our current and future missionaries. YWAM as a whole is one of the worldʼs largest Christian missions organizations. More specifically, since 1985 YWAM Lakeside has trained and sent out over 5,200 people into short-term missions, we have sent over 470 outreach teams to 93 nations, and we have over 160 full-time missionary members currently. Come expecting to hear many stories and testimonies from our members and students who will be working right alongside you, and are always willing to share.