Into the Wild

Entering this 4th week of EDTS everyone was excited to head out into the wild again for another trip. Our guest speakers, Tee and Kathryn Gatewood from Arbor Dale Presbyterian Church in Banner Elk, North Carolina, joined us for our week and taught on grace and holiness.

The team really started to come together as a community as evidenced in our times of prayer & worship, work duties/meal prep, outdoor skill sets and learning/lecture processing times. It is great to see each member of the team (staff and students alike) bring their gifts to the group and bless each other with the blessings that God has given them.

Outdoor highlights of the week include our mountaineering session where we practiced self-arrest on the snow fields and various hikes in the Many Glacier area, including a trek to Iceberg Lake (which was still full of icebergs!).

This last week we were on our campus in Lakeside, learning together from Mariska Buzzard about Relationships. Mariska and her husband Keith are the directors of our campus, and she’s originally from South Africa. It’s fun to have Mariska, as a second language English speaker, join our group of 13 students, which already has 8 international students (most of them are also second language English speakers). We love that YWAM is intentionally an international organization!

We spent last week talking about our relationships with one another, with God, with our families, and with significant others. It was a week to consider how we love each other well, and how we treat our relationships with others. God is using Mariska to challenge us to His standards in our relationships.

We’ve had great times of worship, spending time outside on our campus together and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.

Our big outdoor activities have been rock climbing in Kila, which is a nearby town, and doing archery indoors at a range in Kalispell. While climbing in 90 degree heat isn’t optimal, everyone had a chance to be on the rock and set personal goals for their time. Students conquered some fears, and others settled naturally into an activity that they’ve been doing for a long time before the school. It’s fun to have both experienced and inexperienced people championing and encouraging each other in an activity. We also shot at an indoor archery range, which was both a nice break from the heat and a great new experience for a lot of students.

Please pray for safety and great weather for us, and lots of opportunities to put into practice our school theme of Loving God and Loving People.

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