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Cortnie is from Oakhurst, California. She attended her DTS at YWAM Montana-Lakeside in fall of 2003, and her outreach was to England and Northern Ireland. She now lives in Lakeside with her husband, Andrew, and their four beautiful children, Eoghan, Finnegan, Lochlan, and Liam. She has been staffing and leading TESOL seminars at Lakeside since 2009. In 2014, she and her husband also began training DTS students in Coffee Industry-related skills for the mission field. Cortnie has a heart for seeing people grow to their full potential and daring them to dream the biggest of dreams. She likes reading books, growing peppers in her garden, and drinking coffee with friends. And she loves collating.

“Have you Discovered Your Calling?”

THIS IS OUR CALLING. We go into the world to bring the love of Jesus to those living in fear, to those who are orphaned, to the lost and hurting world. We do this because He said to go. There is no option to stay. We desire what He desires: that all should know him. […]

7 Resources for Teaching English Overseas

Believe it or not, there are two billion people around the world right now learning the English language. With so many people seeking someone to teach them English, there are a lot of opportunities these days to become a “teacher.” For some, being a teacher means having a group of students sitting in a classroom […]