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It is our privilege to invite disciples of Christ and outdoor enthusiasts to be a part of Endurance DTS (EDTS) in this unique avenue of outdoor ministry. EDTS is a five-month discipleship program committed to doing whatever it takes to know God and make Him known in the outdoor industry and to the ends of the earth. During the EDTS adventure, students will learn about God’s character and nature, participate in lectures and discipleship small groups, build credible and translatable outdoor skills for both the mission field and for use in the outdoors, and reach out to the outdoor industry on a global scale. The first three months will be spent living and learning in Montana, both in the classroom and in the backcountry. Our final two months will be spent on outreach where we travel into remote places to share the gospel in other nations and simultaneously reach out to outdoor adventurers and those on a journey.

The vision for the Endurance DTS outdoor ministry is to take students deeper into their own discipleship journey with Christ, and then give them the tools to reach out to others, particularly within the outdoor industry. We know that people on a trek or great adventure are often seeking deeper spiritual revelation as they journey, and God has given us a desire to reach out and meet these individuals along the way. Endurance DTS equips students to participate in the conversations happening in the outdoor industry, engage with fellow adventures and to testify to Christ’s saving grace and faithfulness with credibility and confidence.

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*YWAM Montana-Lakeside operates under special use permits with the Flathead National Forest, Kootenai National Forest and Glacier National Park and is an equal opportunity provider*


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  • Summer 2020

    • Start Date:06/22/20
    • End Date:11/24/20
    • Total Cost:USD 8,300
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The "Apply By Dates" are dates that are generated by your nationality and our estimation of time needed to properly process and acquire all the materials necessary for any student to attend one of our schools. If you have questions about your country specific apply by date, please feel free to email our Admissions Office at [email protected]




Endurance DTS has a two-month outreach phase with a two-fold focus. Our aim is to reach out directly to those in the outdoor industry in some capacity, by placing ourselves among trekkers, adventurers, campers, and other outdoor ministry enthusiasts, and/or to use our backcountry and outdoor skills to go to the harder and more remote places and reach those that otherwise might not hear the Gospel.

Partnerships & Friends of EDTS

Endurance DTS is committed to helping outdoor enthusiasts and outdoor organizations reach their goals.  We value teamwork and collaboration among outdoor industry professionals, businesses and outdoor ministries.  We are grateful to belong to a network of professional outdoor organizations and are always looking to strengthen the relationships we have with the numerous friends of EDTS.

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Endurance DTS is committed to environmental stewardship.  We are a non-profit member of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.  The practice of the seven Leave No Trace principles form the foundation for our EDTS outdoor curriculum both here in the mountains of NW Montana and throughout the world.

Seven Principles:
1. Plan Ahead and Prepare

2. Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
3. Dispose of Waste Properly
4. Leave What You Find
5. Minimize Campfire Impacts
6. Respect Wildlife
7. Be Considerate of Other Visitors





Since the beginning of EDTS in 2011, it has been a privilege to serve with In His Wakes and to help them accomplish their goals through their Day 2 Remember events.  We’ve also been blessed by their encouragement in outdoor ministry and by the fun days on the water that they’ve facilitated for our EDTS students and staff!

Rocky Mountain Outfitter has been instrumental in the development EDTS outdoor skills and activities. Offering experience, expert advice, consultation and service, our friends at RMO are our go-to outfitters and gear providers. Even before EDTS started in 2011, RMO helped us get our Adventure Track off the ground in 2009 and 2010.

YWAM Montana – Lakeside’s EDTS is proud to be a host site for Aerie Backcountry Medicine.  We have hosted multiple courses since our partnership began in 2012 and over 50 EDTS staff and students have participated in Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness Advanced First Aid and Wilderness First Responder recertification courses.  Our EDTS school leader will be participating in Aerie’s 4-week Wilderness EMT program in May 2015. EDTS is also proud to use the Aerie Level I Trauma First Aid Kit on our treks and outreaches.  

We’re privileged to partner with Nomad Global Communication Solutions.  Nomad has been instrumental in helping us develop our backcountry communications capabilities and served EDTS by providing logistical and strategic transportation solutions.


School Leaders

Tyson Kehler

Originally from Dalmeny Saskatchewan, Canada, Tyson did his DTS in the Winter of 2013 followed by an SBS in 2013-2014 and then joined the YWAM Montana community full-time. He has taken multiple outreach teams to Nepal - backpacking and trekking throughout the country with a focus on reaching the unreached with the good news of Jesus. Tyson enjoys the outdoors and the different seasons that Montana brings. In the winter you can find him in Whitefish snowboarding and in the summers rock climbing or down by the lake slack lining. Tyson tries to live his life by James 2:18...But someone will say, "You have faith; I have deeds." Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do."

Hannah Kehler

After going to college and working for a year in Social Work, Hannah decided to pursue missions. She completed her DTS in Fall of 2015. Since then she has been with the DTS department, leading outreaches to Nepal and Cambodia. Nepal captured her heart during her DTS and it was there that she became overwhelmed with goodness of the gospel, but also the reality of how many people have never heard it. She loves how her passion for unreached people and the outdoors can come together in EDTS by using the skills students learn to help them get to the more remote areas of the world.

What People Are Saying

Whole Heartedly Recommend EDTS

What a pleasure it was to have my son Luke participate in the Lakeside, Montana EDTS.

My wife Bev and I have seven children. Luke is the fifth to do a DTS. As Luke began communicating with the Lakeside Base about the EDTS they offer, we looked through the planned studies and items needed, questioning several times whether or not the indicated material on endurance topics truly was going to be covered and whether or not everything on the list would be needed. It seemed too extensive to really cover all of it in 5 months along with the classical DTS teachings. After Luke’s participation, what we discovered is that yes, the course outline was real; it was well followed and implemented with quality, qualified teachers in each specialized area. Concerning the materials used, yes all requested items and other items provided by the base were taught regarding their proper use and then were used in real life experiences. Yes, the EDTS is a real DTS, not just a fun time. Godly instruction and specialized training in hiking, camping, first aid, rock climbing, etc. were all provided with excellence.

Arriving at the base for the closing week and graduation my heart feeling was, “This is a safe place for growth and maturing.” Bev and I are are thankful for the character development and skill sets our son learned during the EDTS. We look forward to continued contact, relationship and cooperation with YWAM Lakeside, Montana as Luke continues his mission experiences and growth there.

We whole heartedly recommend the EDTS at YWAM Lakeside, Montana.

Paz y bien,
Earl and Bev Rutledge
Missionaries in Nicaragua

- Earl & Bev Rutledge, Student's Parents

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