Course Description.

DTS Equip is an intensely effective 6-week leadership development course. It provides a resource-rich environment where leaders and team members are equipped in character, skills, and spirit. But it doesn’t stop there. The goal is to enable people to pass this on through their own lives, allowing other students, staff, and programs worldwide to develop according to their individual and corporate callings.  

Our theme scriptures 2 Time 2:2 says it all: we equip Equippers. 

“And what you have heard from me through many witnesses, entrust to faithful people who will be able to teach others as well.”


You desire to be a more effective leader. You want to move yourself to the next level of personal and group leadership. How to interpret situations, respond, and lead.  Not only that, but you also know how important your own ongoing development is.  Come for a refreshing time of receiving and growth.


You want to change the world by deeply impacting and changing others.  You look at people and recognize their potential for Christ; helping them grow, bear fruit, and fulfill calling.  We can help you take it to the next level.

No Limit.

DTS Equip is not limited to DTS staff or new staff. Your gift and ability to lead and disciple is NOT limited by your role.  Equip might be designed around a DTS-style environment, but it’s effective for people leading in any context. You can utilize the lessons and skills learned wherever you go, and the more experience you have, the deeper it goes.


DTS Equip. Providing a resource-rich environment where DTS staff and leaders are equipped in character, skills, and Spirit, so that DTS students and programs worldwide may benefit and develop according to their individual and corporate callings.

“I often say that our DTS leaders and staff are the most “important” people in YWAM because the DTS is the doorway to the mission. “As the DTS goes, so goes the mission” – people are either ignited with a passion for God and His world and want to get on board, or they look elsewhere. So our DTS leaders/staff need to have infectious faith, irreproachable character, and be well equipped! I encourage all DTS leaders and staff to pray about attending DTS Equip. I know Jeremy West to be an outstanding DTS leader/trainer, and the YWAM Montana base has a reputation for running great DTSs. Come learn from them and other excellent leaders in the field of DTS!” – Darlene Cunningham, Co-Founder, YWAM

Meet Your School Staff.

you. equipped to equip.

At YWAM Montana-Lakeside, we are all about doing whatever it takes to know God and to make Him known, together! We’d love to help you make that next step in your global missions education. Apply now!

What do you see when you look at the forest?

Do you see the tree? Do you see it’s seeds ? Do you see the chair it could be made to be? We are all just trees with individual destinies, tasked not just to look but to see the gold in you and me. Where we look at the wood and see what it would be if it just had a craftsman like Jesus to sculpt it into intentionality. It’s time to let your roots grow deep, to plant good seeds and to see everything the tree could be.


Equip is an intensely effective 6-week leadership development course. Hear from previous Equip students and learn more about this incredible leadership development course where leaders and team members are equipped in character, skills, and spirit.

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